6 Big Changes To US Immigration In 2021

changes to US immigration in 2021
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What are the biggest changes we should expect in the US immigration this year 2021 and how will it impact immigration.

We all know when we get a new Government in place immigration always changes. So now that we have our new President Biden, a lot of new immigration changes are going to come into place.

So, the question is what are the biggest changes that will impact you or your relative or someone you care about.

Here we are going to talk about 6 top things coming into immigration this year 2021-

Hope you are excited to start reading these exciting new changes

6 Big Changes To US Immigration In 2021

1. Embassy reopening:

There are some embassy’s already reopening because there is a policy statement from the state department saying that the embassy should resume both normal processing of immigrant visas and certainly nonimmigrant visas.

We should expect this to happen for more embassy this 2021.


2. Public Charge

The next change we see is public charges going away. But we have to know that public charges will not go away overnight.

It has to go through an official rulemaking process. But what we expect to see in 2021 is the Biden administration making the rule at the start and hoping before the end of 2021 it would be off the table.


3. Shift in Resources

What I am talking about here, I am talking about in Trump administration a lot of money was put into law enforcement agencies, and a lot of resources were put into building border walls, a lot of resources were put into deportation laws.

So, what we are expecting this 2021 is a lot of these resources will shift to other programs. We need to watch out for that in 2021.


4.  The Travel Ban

this is another change we expect to see this year 2021. The fact that the new Biden administration is already committed to get rid of the travel ban.


5. More Immigration Filing

I expect that the pace will pick up in 2021 for people who are filling for immigration benefits.

As you all know that there was a big decline of applications and petitions to US CIS which ultimately lead to major budget problems that they face during 2020.

They faced this finance problem before people were afraid of applying, because of the big application put in been denied, so why would someone want to apply for what he knows would be denied anyways.

This is the fault of the administrations anyways.

But this 2021, a lot of people will be encouraged to make new applications or renew their papers, marriage certificates, and other new applications will be put in place.

6. The last thing we can expect to see this 2021 is Processing Time

I am not too sure about this because normally, the Agency is historically slow.

USCIS does not process applications quickly, certainly, there was a slow down over this few couples of years.

The things causing the slowdown, the operational issues behind the scene we don’t see, those things are likely to become better in 2021 because a new administration is aboard.

So, we are going to see some things behind the scene shift which will help the processing of our application or petition quicker or go in a better and smoother way.

Finally, a lot of exciting things are ahead of us this 2021, so be ready to enjoy a good year.

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