Ghana Travel Process for Nigerians and Requirements

Ghana travel process for nigerians
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Traveling is fun and one of the best hobbies in the world. Yes, it’s a hobby for some people while it is stressful for others. Traveling between Nigeria to Ghana can be done in ways, either through Air or by Road. It is not a new thing that people travel to Ghana from Nigeria by road. Though it could be thought to be very difficult what’s most interesting it’s the scenic view. Read below on Ghana travel process for Nigerians and requirements.

In today’s post we at Travellerniche will be focusing on how you can immigrate from Nigeria to Ghana; Travel guides and requirements. The 2 countries are west African countries which share the ECOWAS bilateral agreement. This union has made all citizens of countries in West Africa to travel in between each other without a Visa. So read on as we help break down the process in the best way we can.

Ghana Travel Process for Nigerians and Requirement

There is nothing so special about traveling within West African countries, so no need to be feeling its a huge task. So to begin, follow this information below;

1. Money

Before you can plan any travel, you must have set aside money which is your budget. I placed money on the number spot because it has a lot to do with starting any process. But the beautiful thing about traveling within west Africa is that you don’t necessarily need to break the bank to get money for travel except you have your plans for fun and tourism.

2. ECOWAS Passport or International Passport

This is for me the first document anyone should have before even thinking of traveling outside any country. This is the beginning of any travel process. If you do not have a Passport, then visit any Immigration Office close to your to obtain one.

3. Means of Transportation

There are 2 types of transportation modes when you want to migrate from Nigeria to Ghana as earlier stated in this post above.

  • Flight to Ghana: You can travel to Ghana by Air. All you need do is purchase an Air ticket from any Airline in Nigeria. On the day of travel, simply goto to the international Airport where the airline have placed its terminal. for instance, if you Book a ticket with Air Peace from Lagos to Accra, Ghana. All you need do is to go to Murtala Muhammad Airport Lagos to take your flight. The flight takes approximately 1 hr: 10 Mins.
  • Travel by Road: Nigeria is landlocked to some countries and on the road to Ghana, you will need to pass through Cotonou and then Togo. So when you make your Journey by road, be ready to pass through Cotonou Border, Cotonou/Togo Border, and Togo/Ghana border. This journey from Nigeria to Ghana by road takes approximately 17-24 hours. There are many Bus transport company that goes to Ghana. Go to any of their parks and make inquiries.

4. Other Important Documents

Another important document is the Yellow Card (also known as the Yellow Fever Card). This card can be obtained from the Post Health Office close to the international airport in Lagos. Follow this link on a more detailed article on Obtaining your Yellow card.

In Addition, its also important to carry along your Accommodation details document or evidence, any other means of identification aside from the Passport like Driver’s License, Student or Work ID, or National ID.

Concluding this, you do not need much to travel to Ghana, just follow the above guidelines then all will be okay.



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