Rwanda Visa Application Process in Nigeria

Rwanda Visa Application process in Nigeria
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Before we go further into Rwanda visa application process in Nigeria, we should first talk about the country briefly;

About Rwanda

Rwanda has been on trend lately as the country is taking a progressive shape since its President, Paul Kagame, took charge of the country. The East African country is among the smallest in the continent but its capital city, Kigali, is one of the most beautiful right now. This country has one of the highest population densities in Africa (1,060/sq mi). This population is majorly made up of the young, mostly rural population. In 2019, the population is estimated at 12.79 million, an increase from 2013’s estimate of 11.8 million.

In terms of nature, Rwanda is a landlocked country in East Africa with its Volcanoes National Park and wildlife. The park encompasses 4,507m-tall Mt. Karisimbi and 4 other forested volcanoes. In the southwest is Nyungwe National Park, with an ancient montane rain forest that’s a habitat for chimpanzees and other primates.

So as a Nigerian, do you have a business going to Rwanda, or you wish to tour around this green land, then this post is just for you. Check out the Rwanda Visa Application process in Nigeria

Rwanda Visa Application in Nigeria: Visa Types

There are several Visa types available to Nigerians who wish to either travel or immigrate to Rwanda. These Visas are given according to the goal of the applicant. Below are the different Rwanda Visa types available to Nigerians;

 Tourist Visa

This is the type of Visa given to travelers whose purpose is Tourism. However, this Visa type is subdivided in to different Categories as stated below;

  1. Class T2 Tourist Visa: This articular Visa type is for those who wish to travel to Rwanda for the purpose of sightseeing, social & recreational purposes that are not work-related
  2. Class T3 Family Visa: This is for those who wish to visit a family member in Rwanda. This family must be living and working in the country. The Visa has a validity of 90 days and there must be proof of residence by the family member. This Visa type does not come with a work permit.

Class T4 Visiting Diplomat Visa

This visa type is free and the visa can last up to 2 years. This is issued to applicants who are visiting for diplomatic reasons. It can also be issued as a multiple entry Visa

Class T5 Job search Visa

Do you wish to immigrate to Rwanda to get a job, then the Job search Visa should be what you may be interested in. This category is for skilled worker and people who fall under this category should apply for the Job search Visa but their occupation must be on the Occupation in Demand List (ODL). Nite that this Visa does not give you the work permit until you have a residence permit.

Class T6 Conference Visa

When an individual or group wishes to travel to Rwanda for a conference or meeting, the Conference Visa is what should be applied. This visa can be issued for single entry or multiple entries.

Class T7 Business Visa

For the entrepreneurs, traders or investors whose purpose is for business reasons can apply for the Rwandan Business Visa. This visa has a 90 days validity and can be issued for both single entry and multiple entries.

Class T8 Medical Visa

This is for those who seek medical care in Rwanda. Applicants must provide proof of appointment from a medical consultant in Rwanda either from the public or private health facility.

Class T9 Group Visa

This is for the Group of people who are entering the country for tourism or other reason uroses. This sort of Visa is issued to every member of the group or the organizer of the tour. The rule of this visa is that everybody must enter and exit Rwanda at the same time. for members who wish to enter or exit differently must apply for another class of Visa.

Class T10 itinerant Visa

This is for businessmen, traders or investors who visit Rwanda regularly due to work. This Visa can be issued as a single entry or multiple entries. But the company that the applicant is representing must submit an investment certificate from RDB.

Class T11 Bridging Visa

This is not necessary fr Nigerians. But this Visa is for those who have lost their status in Rwanda and immediately they get their way, they are leaving Rwanda.

Class T12 East African Tourist Visa

This is for those Visiting Rwanda, Uganda, and Kenya accordingly for tourism or holiday purposes alone

Class V1 Entry Visa

Traveling to Rwanda for a purpose other than tourism, business, or work. then this is the Visa you should apply for.

Class V2 Crew Visa

This is given to those that are part of a crew. This visa is valid for just 72 hours.

Class Q1 Transit Visa

This is for those traveling through Rwanda to another destination and this Visa is Valid for just 72 Hours.

 Rwandan Visa Application Process Requirements for Nigerians

1. Passport

All applicants must have an international passport not earlier than 6 months. This passport must have at least 2 blank pages for visa stamps.

2. Adequate Funds

Applicants must present the proof that there is enough money to cater for your stay all through the period in Rwanda. This proof must be a bank statement for at least 6 months and with a minimum balance of  4-6 million naira.

3. Return or On-ward Ticket proof

4. Visa Application form

Make sure you present a completely filled Visa application form and signature

5. Passport Photograph (2)

This should be 2 recent passport photographs not more than 6 months and should by in a white background. The size should be 2 by 2.

6. Medical proof

A document showing the Yellow Fever Vaccination.

7. Purpose of Visit

In addition, you will need to attach a note for the purpose of visiting, how long you plan to stay and the places you plan to stay or visit.

8. An itinerary Proof

This should show your airline bookings, hotels you plan to stay, and details of your stay in Rwanda. Furthermore, make sure you add addresses of the hotels and phone numbers for verification.

Rwanda Visa Application Process in Nigeria

Applicants have the option of applying for Visa both online and offline (at the embassy). Also, note that you can as well apply for a Visa extension if you decide to stay longer than expected. But make sure you apply for Visa extension while the present Visa is still valid. Expired Visa won’t be attended to.

Step 1: Check Eligibility

Make sure you meet all requirements for any class of visa before starting any process. Ineligibility can occur when you don’t have one document.

Step 2: Gather All Documents

Now that you have all documents, then gather them and put them together.

Step 4:  Go to the Embassy

Take all your documents and your Visa application money to the embassy, but if you wish to apply online, then skip this step and move to step 5.

Step 5: Fill the Rwandan Visa Application Form

This form can be filled at the embassy or Online. You can even complete the Visa form on entry.

Ste 6: Make Payment for the Visa form

Finally, you can make payment fr the Visa. It is important to note that the Visa fee is not refundable for those that don’t get it, or for any reason you cancel your travel.

Rwandan Visa Embassy in Nigeria

The Rwandan Embassy in Nigeria is located at;

No 1, Justice Mohammed Bello Street, off Jose Marti Crescent, Asokoro, Abuja.


Good Luck!!!!

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