Countries to Study Abroad for international Student 2021

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One of the reasons people seek to study abroad is for the sole reason of quality education. But in contrast, not all countries are best for international students. In this article, we shall be looking at the best countries to study abroad for international student 2021.


What you should consider before choosing a country to study

Here are a few things you need to have in mind before applying to any institution abroad;


Before ever thinking of applying to any university abroad, the first thing you should consider is the money required to study. There are financial implications, such as Visa fee, tuition of the university, flight ticket, accommodation, other university fees, and some countries wants you to have at least one living cost.

Study Visa

Before you can proceed to study in any country, a Study Visa or Student visa is needed. But before getting to the stage of a Visa, you must first secure an admission from the higher institution. Then you will be given instructions to by the school to take the admission letter to the country’s embassy in your country.


Language barriers can be a hindrance to learning. Aside from the native language of the country of choice, also make sure you know the language the course of study will be taught in.


Not every country has a welcoming spirit to foreigners and you should consider this. There are some countries that the native citizens may be hostile to some particular race or ethnicity Or sometimes, it has to be about sexuality. Before choosing a country for studying, make sure there is a large social gathering of your people in that country or the destination country is very friendly. The country we have listed below has these qualities.

Permission to Work

For those who are on a low budget or wish to have work experience while schooling, then make sure the country’s student visa permits working.

Top 10 Countries to Study Abroad for International Student 2021

This is the list of the best countries to study abroad for the 2021 academic session;

The United States of America (USA)

There is no such thing to write about the United State of America. This is one of the best countries to study abroad for international students. It is not about the USA having the best universities in the world but the environment is very friendly to foreigners. The country is filled with different types of people or races from all parts of the world.

It is usually the first choice of many international students to acquire university education. The only drawback of higher institutions in the US is that they are very expensive. The student Visa allows you to work and study at the same time.

How to get Student Visa to USA from Nigeria

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is the second most sort after destination for most foreigners for education. They also boast of the best Universities in the world and the native citizens are not hostile to foreigners.  The Study Visa to Uk allows you to also work and school at the same time. After graduation, students are given an extra 2 years to work. Just like the USA, the United Kingdom could be quite expensive in terms of living costs and tuition.

United Kingdom Student Visa and requirements for Nigeria


Canada is by far the most sort after country by immigrants looking for greener pastures. Taking a study in Canada gives you the opportunity to get a permanent residency after graduation as long as you are working.

The country is also one of most gay-friendly nations in the world and remains one of the most friendly countries to foreigners.

No IELTS for Nigerians: Canadian University that dont require English Test


When it comes to education, Germany also boasts of some of the best universities but not much can be said about the friendliness of German. Though foreigners are so many in Germany and therefore it can be considered as a study destination. However, Some German universities offer free tuition but the country makes sure you have a certain living cost before proceeding for study visa application.

Germany Student Visa Requirement for Nigerians


Been a very friendly nation, it hits the list of best countries to study abroad. Australia has some of the best universities in the world and the student visa comes with a work permit. After your study period, you are allowed in the country for at least 2 years to work. Thus making Australia one of the Best Countries to Study Abroad for International Student 2021.


Filled with monuments and cultural beauty, France is one of the top countries to study abroad. It is on the 6th spot because it is not an English speaking country. But the country is very friendly to foreigners and have very good universities.

Student Visa to France from Nigeria


Switzerland has some highly rated universities and it is a destination for technology and commerce. They are very friendly with international students but their native language is not English. Although, you have the opportunity to learn another language.

Student Visa to Switzerland from Nigeria


Situated in Europe also and has some of the best universities in the world. It is a good destination to study Information Technology and agriculture. After graduation, students are allowed for another 1 year before leaving the country if without a job. making it part of the Countries to Study Abroad for International Student 2021.

Study Visa to the Netherlands from Nigeria


This is a Scandinavian nation in Europe with several islands. Sweden offers both college and university education free not all universities. Although, it is relatively lower than the US and UK. The country speak  Swedish and foreigners have the opportunity to learn it.

Student Visa to Sweden from Nigeria


Spain remains one of the most attractive countries in Europe. The country not only provides good universities, but it has a cultural environment for tourism. Has the most UNESCO World Heritage Sites.  Foreigners who love Spanish have the opportunity to learn. But The study Visa of Spain only allows you to work if the university allows their student work. This means you have to choose your university wisely if you wish to work and study.

How to apply for Study Visa to Spain From Nigeria


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