10 Top-rated Tourist Attractions in Tunisia

Tourist attractions in Tunisia
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Tunisia is a North African country located at located in the Mahgreb region. It has a diverse mixed culture from both religious and ethnic groups. This is what forms the present-day Tunisia. With this diversity, we have decided to compile the top-rated tourist attractions in Tunisia.

Furthermore, considering the culture of Tunisia, it is made up of civilizations and multiple successive dynasties contributed to the culture of the country over centuries with varying degrees of influence. Among these cultures were the Carthaginian – their native civilization, Roman (Roman Africans), Vandal, Jewish, Christian, Arab, Islamic, Turkish, Europeans, and French, in addition to native Amazigh.

Now that we looked at the brief description of Tunisia, let us take a look at the various attractions the country offers to tourists below.


Top-rated Tourist Attraction in Tunisia

There are several natural and man-made tourist attractions in Tunisia. Some of the man-made is gotten from their rich cultures from over 3,000 years ago. check out the best Tourist places in Tunisia here:


10. Parc du Belvédère and the Museum of Modern Art

The Modern art museum is one of the iconic places in Tunisia.

This welcome splash of greenery in one of the city’s top spots to catch your breath and regroup from the hustle of the busy streets. The hillside has been planted with Aleppo pine, carob-trees, olive and fig trees, and palm trees, and those who take the short hike up to the top of the hill are rewarded with fantastic panoramas of the entire city (on a clear day). On the east side of the park is the Museum of Modern Art, home to the country’s top collection of work by Tunisian artists. The park is also home to the city’s zoo

9. Dar Hussein

This is an 18th-century old museum and now home to Tunisia’s National Institute of Archaeology and art. Close by is Dar Ben Abdallah, another 18th-century old palace which is now the city’s folk museum.

8. Mosque of Sidi Mahrez

This is named after a holy man called Mohammed Mahrez es Seddiki. This is a beautiful building topped off with nine white domes. Although non-muslims cannot enter the building the facade is worth checking out while there.

7. La Goulette (Tunis Port)

On the 7th spot of tourist attraction in Tunisia is La Goulette which is a port city suburb of the capital. This is a very important place for the people of Tunisia since the reign of Emperor Charles V. It is was a Spanish possession in the eastern Maghreb and from 1574, the ottoman rulers enlarged and strengthened it.

6. Ville Nouvelle (New Town)

Just as said that Tunisia is a cultural center for several ancient cultures, Ville Nouvelle was developed by the French Colonial masters. A is a fascinating place planted with palms and eucalyptus trees.

In addition to the french developments is the largest surviving building in Tunisia, St. Vincent de Paul Cathedral. It was constructed around 1893 still standing as a reminder of France’s dominance over the country.


5. Olive Tree Mosque

The medina district’s great mosque is home to some of the country’s finest examples of religious architecture. Begun during the Umayyad dynasty in AD 732, it has been added to and refined by conquering empires in the centuries since. Although non-Muslims cannot enter the prayer hall, visitors are free to wander around the opulent and tranquil exterior courtyard and also to head up to the rooftop, where dazzling tile work is on display. The rooftop is also one of the best places in the medina to get panoramic photographs of the area.

Address: Rue Djemma ez Zitouna

4. Medina


Chock-a-block full of crumbling buildings found by weaving your way through a procession of ever-skinnier alleyways, the medina (old town) district in Tunis’ historic heart and is brimming with sightseeing potential. The main entrance gate, marking the end of the new city and beginning of the old is known as Bab el Bahr (Sea Gate). Built-in 1848, it was known as Porte de France during the colonial period. The old town walls of the Hafsid period may have long ago disappeared, but once inside, mosques, madrassas (Islamic schools of learning), and mausoleums boasting opulent tile work and splendid Fatimid and Ottoman architecture line the twisting streets. Getting lost while meandering and stumbling onto some fabulous monumental relic is half the fun.

Shoppers should head to Souk des Chéchias, where the makers of Tunisia’s traditional woolen hats have had their workshops for centuries. The area between Rue Djemma ez Zitouna and Rue Kasbah is where most of the souvenir stalls congregate.

3. Sidi Bou Said

This famous neighborhood called Sidi Bou Said owes its fame to three young painters while living here in 1914. Paul Klee, August Macke, and Louis Moilliet captured the beauty of its whitewashed buildings and blue doors on canvas. Looking for a very good spot for tourist attractions in Tunisia, then this a neighborhood to begin.

2. The National Bardo Museum

This a world-renowned mosaic collection which a palace in Tunis. Bardo Museum and the Egyptian Museum is one of North Africa’s top museums. This is to tell you what you will like to enjoy this museum. Inside, room after room exhibits gloriously intricate and still vibrantly fresh examples of mosaic art that have been unearthed from sites across the entirety of Tunisia. The Sousse Room, Odysseus Room, and Dougga Room have particularly impressive exhibits of this art form, while the ground floor depicts the neo-punic, Christian, and Islamic era.

1. Carthage

Carthage is a seafaring city of the Phoenicians. Lies across the bay of Tunis. Also, the border by the Mediterranean sea which has a great effect on the city’s prosperity. Also, it was destroyed in the third Punic war in 146 BC still having ruins but yet remains an ancient site worth visiting.


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