Top 10 Tourist Places in Algeria

Tourist Places in Algeria
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Algeria is a country located in North Africa along the Mediterranean coastline and the interior part of the Saharan Desert. The country is known as a place of ancient empires. The roman ruins are here and the ancient tribes of Africa. This has made the country a place for tourism for many people but we have list the top 10 Tourist places in Algeria below;

There are many places in Algeria to visit, but these places listed below are Tourist attractions you should not miss. And they are;


Best Tourist Places in Algeria

On a trip to Algeria, these are the places you should not miss;


The significant thing about Djanet is, it’s a town by the seaside and located on the plus mountain which overlooks the city.

In addition, as small as the city, it has all basic amenities such as shops and banks. Furthermore, Djanet has a collection of rock in the national park that draws people from around the world. It helps in remembering the past.


One place to visit in Algeria is the Tlamcen. It has one of the world’s iconic Morrish buildings. As ancient as it looks, it has a futuristic plan of building the largest university in the world.



This is the capital and the most beautiful city in Algeria. It houses Mosques and a very important place for the Muslim community. Algiers has some very unique architecture which makes it one of the top tourist places in Algeria.


Looking for a commercial city to visit, then Batna is the best place. It is also known as the agricultural hub of the country. In addition, Batna is a place for fun and entertainment because of the centers and cinemas around.


When you speak of Algerian experience, Setif is the city to visit. The place reminds you of the Romans due to the ruins there. The city is located at some height above sea level. It is a fun place to be as well


This serves as a cultural center and economic center of Algeria. The residents of Constantine are continually thrilled with the beauty of its cultural heritage.


The city called Ghardaia is located in the middle of the Sahara desert and it is a place for fun, food, and accommodation. Accommodation in Ghardaia is very cheap and you can get great food here. Religion and cultural fashion are a plus here.


This is a plateau situated in the Ahaggar National park. It is a made up of Sheer Peaks and Mountains. While its landscape is brown and dry. Visiting here is quite thrilling but know that transportation within Atakor is quite limited.


This is one of the most visited cities in all of Algeria. Oran is beautiful with Modern architecture and also filled with the cultural Casbah music. It is a place to start your tour while in Algeria.


If you want to see the ancient cultures that made the country, Algeria, then Annaba is where you should check. It is called the Natural Port for this sole reason.


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