4 Ways To Become Legal In The UK

Can I Reapply To Study In The UK After Previous UK Overstayer
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If you have no children or partner and you have lived in the UK for a long time, then this post is for you. It has been noted that some people have been in the UK but not yet legal and wish to be. Well, in this post, we will discuss 4 ways to become legal in the UK.


There are 4 ways to become Legal in the UK

The only thing about each of the ways is that they are all limited by Age. So let us take a look at them below;


Option 1.

If a person is under 18 years and was not born in the UK but have lived for 7 years and above, then the person is allowed permission on “Leave to remain” for another 2 and half years.

Option 2. 

A person who is aged between 18 years and 25 years at the time of the application and has lived in the UK for at-least half of their life. As it will be unreasonable to expect such persons to leave the UK as they have lived half of their life in the UK.

Option 3.

The third option is people who have lived in the UK for 20 years continuously. All you have to show is live in the UK for 20 years continuously and that is it. All you have to do is show proof of that like your passport, and documents of each year addressed to you in all places you in the UK you have lived with your name showing as proof, or get your GP to give you a letter with your address on and name, or if you have been signing/ reporting at a home office  https://www.gov.uk/immigration-reporting-centres,  try to know when you started reporting keep the dates save. And you can also get letters from friends and family with copy of their ID, to confirm when they met you, where and how they know you, and what they think would happen to you when you are been removed from the UK. all you need is a proof.

Furthermore, if you have come into the UK without a passport, it maybe difficult to prove. As the home office will think, if you can come into the UK without a passport, then  you may as well go out and come back as many times as possible, this way may be hard to prove.

Option 4.

This option is for people who are over the age of 18 years and have lived in the UK for less than 20 years. So , it will be significantly difficult for you to integrate into society in the country where the home office says you need to go. So, you need evidence to show the Home Office that will not be able to return to that Country after these long years and be fine.

The evidence to show is your tiles to the UK, evidence like documentary evidence and support it with write a letter which the Home Office officer will read about the reason why you can not go back to your home Country.



Documents you can use to support your applications can be –

  • A letter from yourself stating all your reason why you can not leave the UK.
  • Letter from your GP.
  • Letter from School if applicable to you.
  • Any Utility payment letter.
  • Letter from friends and church / Mosque stating how long they know you etc.
  • Bank statement if you have one.
  • Photographs with you and friends at different places or playing together etc.

Get more information from the UK government website here


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