Top 10 Reasons Why Immigrants Leave Canada

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Top 10 Reasons Why Immigrants Leave Canada

Here we will be talking about the reasons why immigrants leave Canada after spending so much money to come to Canada in the first place.

I will give you 10 reasons why immigrants leave Canada.

1, The first one is loneliness and Family Discontent –

The people that move to Canada without their family feel disconnected, they feel loneliness,

as they have to leave their family, friends, all they were used to back home and so many other things.

So, they feel really lonely, that they start thinking, if they can not have their family move in with them, then they prefer to leave.


2, The second reason is Financial Difficulties –

Not everyone in Canada gets rich, it is not easy to accumulate wealth,  it is very difficult, you have to spend so much money, tax and so much.

especially, when you start getting loan for various things like House, cars etc

and before you know it, you have got so much owing on your credit card to pay back.

Then, when this get too much, instead of filling for bankruptcy, they just decide to go back home.

But note guys, this Country is still a Country of opportunity, so do not get depressed, you only need to work very hard and hard.


3,  No Willingness to start all over  –

If you come to Canada, in respect of who you were before you relocated to Canada, whether you a director, manager, CEO, whoever you were before.

Your experience does not count, disregard what you were, and start afresh.

It is a process here in Canada, you need to start building your life again all the way up.

But some people can not handle that, and they just decide to go back to where they came from.


4, High Real Estate Prices –

The real estate in Canada, can be million dollars, if you go to some places like Toronto, it is very expensive to buy a House.

But some people give up looking at how expensive it is to buy a House, to live in and raise their family.

So, some people just settle for renting, because of high prices of buying a house.

Or some decide to just move away.


5, Political Correctness and Mentality –

Here you need to learn how you talk to people, they way you talk back home, or correct some things back home may not be the way is done here.

And if you want to correct someone be careful of the way you put it.

You may be the open-minded person and just want to say something to a Canadian and he or she may take it wrongly,

but this may not mean anything where you come from, but does in a different place.

So, some people give up for this reason to move away.


6, Medicine –

Here coming to Canada, you might think that Canadian have free medicine, or cheaper.

But the thing is the Doctors here do not care, all they care about is how they get the money,

also they only care when they see how bad things are with you like if you are dying, then they start running around or acting.

According to people with experiences.

And with this kind of experience, you may give up and decide to go back.

7, Cultural Difference –

This is very important, for example, if you are the type that go to nite-clubs, sorry to say Canadian nite-club are not that fun.

If you are the type that likes high life, going out to enjoy yourself, Canada does not have much of that, so you can think twice.

8, Raising Kids –

Raising kids in Canada is not easy, the way kids talk to you here, you will be surprised, for example, a kid could tell you an adult you are stupid, and other stuff.

Kid raising is a problem here, for example in Africa, a kid can not just be rude to you, by the time you give him or her hot slap, he/she will think twice.

Now, bringing your kids to a place like this, going to their schools and experiencing this kind of mentality, protected by the Government,

you can not raise your kids in a way you want to raise them, or in your traditional way,

as anything you try on kids, the child social services are going to go after you.

So, if you prefer to train your kids the way you want with no one stopping you, they such people decide to move away.

Here, the way you train your kids matters a lot.


9, Weather –

The weather here is terrible, it get to minus 30, minus 40 etc, its really dry, cold.

The skin on the lips is always dry. Sometimes, your legs are dry, your hands dry.

The weather here is terrible, it get really bad sometimes, it could change at this minute, then another minute it changes again.

So, some people can not take this.


10, High Expectations –

A lot of people create a lot of expectations when they come to Canada, expectations like, when I get to Canada,

I will Buy a Big House, Get A Big Car, send lots of money home etc.

Then, all of a sudden, expectation changes because the expectations were higher than the reality.

They start thing is like heaven on earth, which is not.

Because of all these expectations not met, then they get depressed.

But guys do not get me wrong, the Country is such a lovely place to live , start a family, children go to school.

Just be careful not to set too much expectation, it everything easy as it comes, adapt to their culture,

be patience, mix with a lot of Canadian people, learn how they do things , embrace it and make sure you enjoy it.


Thank you guys for reading.

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Thank you.



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