How to immigrate to Canada in 2020

Easiest Way To Relocate To Canada

Looking to immigrate to Canada this year 2019? Here is how to immigrate to Canada in 2020.

There are lots of options available to you.

Here I will group these options in separate categories.

How to immigrate to Canada in 2020

These are the various ways to gain entry into Canada

1. Skilled Immigration

In order word, if you do not have any connections with the Country, you do not know anything or anyone in the Country,

and your command of English and French is very good, you are under 40 years of age, you have a skilled work experience,

then you probably will be able to relocate to Canada.

But of-course, under this group of programmes, there are various opportunity for those of you who have offers of Jobs in Canada or

those considering studying in Canada, or have studied in Canada before whose occupation is in demand in Canada.

Overall, the system is still available and will still be available through out this 2019, and it does not look like there will be any changes yet.

But notes that the competition will be quite high for this.


2. Business Programmes to Immigration –

Under this group, there are several streams you need to understand that people always mix up.

Is either you want to immigrate as investors, which means you need millions of dollars in which means,

you are giving this money to the Government for a while in other to receive later on, permanent residency in Canada.

And if you do not have millions of dollars and you have thousands of them, there are also other options you can apply for.

Like if you are looking to open a business in Canada, got experience in managing business, running own business,

or investing in someone else business, etc,

Here, you do not have to give the Government your money, but use it to open a business, or invest in someone’s business.

There is also option of opening a business in Canada, even before coming to Canada and employ yourself.

But know that this requires lots of planning.


3. Study in Canada –

If you are looking to study here, as a post graduate student or a fresh graduate from your own Country,

Canada opens their door for students,

But coming through immigration study pathway requires lots of careful planning.

Due to what is going on in the world, many international student are looking to come into Canada,

therefore most of their Schools are fully booked, heard there are some colleges already admitting students for 2021.

You have to be able to prove why you want to study in Canada, as there is high risk to refuse visa here.

If you want to study in Canada, you have to plan this very early enough, like get the admission well in advance.

And you have to apply to many colleges, in other to gain admission to at lease one of them.


This 3 are the most common ones and most generic.

Even though there are many other ways to immigrate to Canada.

More of immigrating to Canada will be posted in a future post.

Feel free to chat us up, or add to this, or share your experience view on how you migrated to Canada, so others can learn.

And if you have also been refused before, please share your experience.

Thank you for reading.



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