Best Tourist Place in Mauritania you should visit

The Islamic republic of Mauritania as it is officially called is located in Northeast Africa along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean and the Western Sahara to the North. The country is surrounded by Algeria, Mali, and Senegal in the northeast, southeast and Southwest respectively. Mauritania have some of the Best tourist places in Africa and we are listing them in this article. Keep reading!

The population of Mauritania is about 4 million and about one-third of its population lives in the capital which is Nouakchott. This is so because the capital is located along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean and people migrate there due to its higher precipitation.

When it comes to tourism, Mauritania is not famous due to its under developed nature and its terrorism. The country is mainly filled with villages and comprised of mud houses. In addition, it has a remarkable Mount Jill which is the tallest here and of Hematite that is an iron Ore.  We have listed the 10 best tourist places in Mauritania you should visit on any trip there.

Best Tourist Places in Mauritania you should visit

In as much as Mauritania may not be an ideal place for tourism, still the country offers quite some fascinating attractions that brings tourist here. Here are the 10 best tourist attractions in Mauritania;

1. Chinguetti

Sometimes referred to as the library in the desert.  This is because of the Islamic Scholarly nature. It contains more of the medieval architecture and houses are built with reddish mud.

Furthermore, some activities you can do in Chingutti is hiring a camel in its sand dunes to carry your things, hire a 4-wheeled drive or simply hiking all by yourself. You can cover the whole of Chinguetti by foot and this place can be accessed through Atar by a car. Finally, Chinguetti is a UNESCO world Heritage center.

2. Nouakchott

This is the capital of Mauritania and the most developed place in the Saharan country. The place may be quite developed but you can still find some nomad tents in public places which is still a great sight.

3. Parc National du Banc D’arguin

This is another UNESCO World heritage site in Mauritania. The place is a traditional breeding ground for migratory birds like the Flamingos. Parc National du Banc D’arguin is located in the west coastal part of Mauritania between the capital, Nouakchott and Nouadhibou.

4. Tidjikja

The town is known as the capital of the Tagant region of central Mauritania. The place is known for its Palm trees and its Vernacular architecture. It s quite a small place with approximately 11,000 in population.

5. Ouadane:

This is another UNESCO World heritage sites. Ouadene is a also known as a Caravan town, where the transporting slabs of salt from the mines at Idjil. In addition, it was once a spot for the trans-Saharan trade.

6. The Coast

You can visit the coast of Mauritania and get a hold of the beaches. The country has a host of beaches that are yet undiscovered. If you are a looking for a dry sunny and hot sand, you can visit the coast of Mauritania

7. Adrar:

it is of most important to note that going to Adrar will need to have a local government clearance to be sure if you need company. This place is very hot and you should take precaution. If you want to see scanty trees and oasis, then it is a spot for you.

8. Nouadhibhou:

Among the best Tourist Places in Mauritania is Nouadhibhou. It is a tourist spot due to the sight of fishermen in the region. Fishing is the main source of livelihood for the locals in this city. In addition, the place is small and between 20-30 minute, you can cover  the Nouadhibhou.

9. Ben Amera:

This is a huge rock in a desert and it is the second largest in the world. The largest desert rock is in Australia.

10. Oasis town of Terjit

Finally, on the 10th spot is Oasis town of Terjit. It is filled with green palm tree which creates a canopy enough to block the view to the sky. In other words, this town provide a beautiful night experience which sees the crawling out of glowing insects by the river bank. The night time is very ideal for relaxation and it is all for free.

In conclusion, though the country might not be famous for tourist but it doe offers some remarkable places for tourist. Do you feel the need to visit Mauritania, then start with these places listed above.

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