Cheapest Airlines in Nigeria

Cheapest Airlines in Nigeria
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There are several reasons why you may want to know the cheapest airlines in Nigeria.What ever the reason, we will help you list them according to their prices.

There are several Airline companies in Nigeria both foreign and local. We will focus on the local airlines that travel within the country. So if you are on a budget, you can consider the ones listed below.

Cheapest Airlines in Nigeria

The following are the cheapest airlines in Nigeria for your local travel

Air peace

This is a Nigerian company owned by Nigerians. Air Peace surfaced recently in the year 2013 with affordable but safe airplanes. The company has since grown to travel externally.

Air Peace flight prices for local varies but starting at 24000 Naira to as much as 37000 Naira. Keep in mind that this prices flunctuate during Peak and off peak periods.

For one of the cheapest air flight travels, Air Peace Airlines will give you your money’s value.

Dana Air

Dana Airlines is one of the few airlines that operates in Nigeria but owned by Indians. The company’s license has been seized twice due to its bad safety measures. The Airline is still among the cheapest airlines in Nigeria but we are not sure of its safety. What we know is, because of its history of conflict with the Nigerian government, Dana Airlines have improved on its planes.


This is a Lagos based Airline. Medview Airlines was founded in 2007 as a chater airline which was for Hajj travels. However, Medview started operating domestic service in November 2012. Looking for cheap flights in Nigeria, then Medview is one you should try.



Arik Air is probably one of the biggest Airline company in Nigeria. Arik currently operates at the Lagos International Airport MM and the Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport Abuja. They have safe, well engineered airlines and their prices are relatively cheap.

Aero Contractors

The airline is partly owned by the Ibru Family with a 60% share while a Canadian Helicopter Corporation(CHC) who acquired 40% holding of Aero contractors . Though Aero started as Charter Services to Oil companies but it has grown to providing local flight services to Nigeria.  It is arguably one of the cheapest airlines you can find within the country.

In conclusion, the cheap airlines doesn’t mean they are not safe. The reduction in prices is due to the high competition in the industry. So you can consider this for your next local travels.

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