10 Countries with the Smallest population in Africa

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Countries with the Smallest population in Africa are those with the fewest in Number of people living in the  country. This countries are usually small by area as well. This countries don’t even have up to 1 million people while others have.

Furthermore, Africa is the second largest in both in Population and land mass in the world. The first in both population and landmass is Asia. Today lets take a look at the countries in Africa with the least population; that is, the lowest number of people living there.

Overview of Population

According to Ekkyblog on the least populated countries in Africa; Seychelles tops the least populated country in Africa with a population of about 95,843 in 2019. This same tourist destination country also resides in Number 17 on the list of least most populated country in the world. The East African country is among the 115 Islands lying along the Indian Ocean. The country’s population growth rate in 2019 is about 0.49% consequently making it at 201th in world population. Seychelles is also among the top holiday and honeymoon destinations in the world having the strongest passport in the African Continent.

Furthermore, following Seychelles strongly as least populated country is another island, Sao Tome and Principe, with an estimated population of 204,327 in 2019. This is a country close to the equator,  is part of a volcano chain featuring striking rock and coral formations, rain forests and beaches. The country has a world population rank at 187 while having a population density of about 222 per Square Kilometers. Sao Tome has a land area of about 960 KM2 having 70% of its population living in Urban areas.

In addition, Cape Verde is third least populated country in Africa. The country has approximately 560,349 in 2019. This figure was 514k in 2014 because of the 1.27% in population growth of country. Most people of Cape Verde are Creole, or of mixed white and black descent. A genetic study of the country’s inhabitants found that the population’s ancestry is mostly European in the male line and West African in the female line, with a percentage of 56% African and 44% European. Cape verde is currently ranked at 172 in the world.

Countries with the Smallest Population in Africa in 2020

After a summary of the 3 countries with smallest population, let now look at the 10 least populated countries in Africa;

  1. Syechelles has a Population of 95,843
  2. Sao Tome has a Population of 204,327
  3. Cape Verde has a Population of 560,349
  4. Comoros has a Population of 813,912
  5. Djibouti has a Population of 956,985
  6. Swaziland has a Population of 1.367 million
  7. Mauritius has a Population of 1.265 million
  8. Guinea Bissau has a Population of 1.861 million
  9. Gabon has a Population of 2.025 million
  10. Lesotho has a Population of 2.233 million

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