Countries with the Smallest Population in North America

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This post is culled from Ekkyblog on Least Populated Countries in North America. North America is a continent which is also refereed to as a subcontinent in the Americas. The least populated countries in North America are non-independent ones. The continent is made up of 41 countries, where 23 of them are independent. while the remaining are either dependencies or non sovereign.

The Continent is bordered by the Arctic Ocean to the north, Atlantic ocean to the est, pacific to the South and west while the South America and the Caribbean sea to the south east.North America population is currently 366,313,440 in 2019. 

In addition, the continent is responsible for about 4.75% of the world population. have a total area of land of about 18,651,660 Km2. North American population density is about 20 per Km2. The largest countries in the continent in terms of land is United states, followed by Mexico and Canada. They also take the highest share in the Continents population.

The most populous city in North America is USA while the country with the smallest population is Montserrat which is a British teritory. The country is a Mountainous island and has a population of about 5,000.

Furthermore, the second most smallest population in North America is Saint Pierre and Miquelon. This is an archipelago of France. Located at the south of the Canadian island of Newfoundland. Sparsely populated Miquelon-­Langlade island contains the Grand Barachois lagoon, home to seabirds and seals.

You can check out the list below for more details.

Top 5 Countries with the Smallest Population in North America


North America has 23 independent states, but 41 countries total including non-independent territories. When these countries are included, the 5 countries with the smallest population in North America;

  1. Montserrat (UK): 5,215
  2. Saint Pierre and Miquelon (France): 6,000
  3. Saint Barthelemy (France): 10,000
  4. Anguilla (UK): 14,000
  5. Caribbean Netherlands (Kingdom of the Netherlands): 26,000


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