10 Countries with the Smallest Population in Europe

Countries with the Smallest Population in Europe
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Europe has about 44 countries and 3 countries here are transcontinental. TRanscontinental means they share boudaries with other continent. Russia, Turkey and Kazakhstan share boundaries with Asia. The continent of Europe is the 3rd most populous after Africa.

Furthermore, Europe huses some of the worlds smallest countries by size and population. FOr instance, Vatican is an independent city or country with just 1,000 in population while San Marino is a country with just 33,700 inhabitants.

In addition, it is fun to know that some of this very small countries are also some of the most stable and richest in citizens.


10 Countries with the Smallest Population in Europe

  1. Vatican with a Population of 1000
  2. San Marino  with a Population of 33, 700
  3. Liechtenstein  with a Population of 37,810
  4. Monaco with a Population of 38,695
  5. Andorra with a Population of 76,965
  6. Iceland with a Population of 338,349
  7. Malta with a Population of 460,297
  8. Luxembourg with a Population of 590,667
  9. Montenegro with a Population of 622,471
  10. Cyprus with a Population of 854,802

In conclusion, Europe has the smallest countries in population and also the countries with the best economies in the world. The continent highly developed both in economic and human capacity.


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