10 New Private Universities in Nigeria accredited by NUC

New Private Universities in Nigeria
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Nigeria has over 200 Universities in in the country. Many are privately owned and on this post,we have listed 10 new Private Universities in Nigeria that are accredited.

Why you should Apply to Private Universities in Nigeria?

there are benefits of applying to private universities in Nigeria and we give some reasons below;

  1. Easy to secure admission to study your choice of Course
  2. No ASUU Strike: Academic Union of University (ASUU) often go on strike to protest over the academic staff welfare with the Federal Government of Nigeria. This makes all State and Federal universities in the country close down for that period which could go from few days to even 6 months.This affects the academic calendar therefore prolonging the graduation date of students
  3. Good infrastructure

10 New Private Universities in Nigeria accredited by NUC

Here is the list of the newest or latest private universities in Nigeria accredited by NUC;

  1. Admiralty University Ibusa,Delta State
  2. Spiritan University, Nneochi Abia State
  3. Precious COrnerstone University
  4. PAMO University of Medical Sciences
  5. Atiba University, Oyo State
  6. Eko University of Medicine and Health Sciences (EkoUNIMED)
  7. Skyline University
  8. Greenfield University
  9. Dominion University
  10. Trinity University
  11. Westland University

The following universities listed are the latest that have been added to the list all privately owned universities in Nigeria.


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