Top Business to do in Abuja to make Money

Business to do in Abuja
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Abuja is the most developed place in Nigeria and the federal capital territory of Nigeria. The City took the position of the capital of Nigeria from Lagos in 1991. Today Abuja is regarded as one of the best places to set up business in the country. So if you ever consider starting a business In Abuja and don’t know the type to start, we have compiled top businesses to do in Abuja.

Top Business to do in Abuja to make Money

The following business are the top that are currently very hot in Abuja;

Grocery/Provisions Store

This is one of the top business opportunity to do in Abuja. The only set back of this business in Abuja is that, the cost of renting a shop or store to start this business is very high. If you can afford the rent, then this business is a good one.

Event Hall/Tent Rental

This is just about having an event hall or tent to rent to those involved in form of celebration or the other. Every week the city is bombarded by several celebration

Transportation Business

Transportation business is ever lucrative anywhere in the world. This means that if you consider doing this business in Abuja, you will most likely succeed in it. Transportation is a broad aspect which include Logistics, Cab/Taxi service, Truck business, packing services. Etc.

School Bus Transport

School bus business is about having your own bus and helping primary and secondary schools convey their students on a daily basis. You can achieve this by sending proposals to schools and letting them know that you can pick up and drop off their students from home to school and vice versa. Your target should be schools who lack this type of service ie schools that cannot afford or may not plan buying a school at the moment.

Barbing/Hair Saloon

The key to this business is to have good customer service and hair staffs that knows how to cut hair very well and Hair stylist that are very good. This will always bring customers back to to you. Keep your salon very neat, beautiful and give value for money.

Other Business opportunities you can consider Abuja is;

  • Interior Design
  • Building Materials
  • Real Estate and Construction
  • Hospitality Business
  • Lounge & Bars


Abuja is a very expensive city when it comes to housing and real estate. Especially when you stay around or within the Municipal. The implication is, you have to make sure you have a lot of capital to rent Shop/store for some of the business opportunities listed above.


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