How to Write an Essay: 6 Essay Tips

how to write an essay
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Writing an essay is a skill to many and a daunting task to millions. This is why people pay writers to help with articles, Journals and so on. For you to be here, it shows you are interested in learning how to write an essay.

To write an essay, you first have to know what an essay is an we will use a definition from Wikipedia;

it says an essay is a piece of writing that gives the author’s own argument.

According to ekkyblog, this simply means that essays are supposed to reflect what the author has to say about a particular topic. It should be unique, precise and be informative enough.

There many reason why one would want to write an essay, some of which is for Job application, study visa letter of motivation, school project, blog posts and so on

Tips on How to start writing an Essay

Writing an essay can be very easy depending on you follow the rules of writing. This tips below will help you with that;

  1. Plan your essay

    starting to write an essay takes some steps which makes the structure good and understandable. Essays should have the Topic, Introduction, Body (Paragraphs, Bullet points or list if needed), and a conclusion part. Sometimes referred to as a summary. For Project topics, this structure is done in chapters instead. For instance, Chapter 1 is introduction, Chapter 2 is literature review, Chapter 3 is the main topic or body, Chapter 4 is analysis and Chapter 5 is tour conclusion

  2. Read about the Topic

    Another tip on how to write an essay is to read about the topic or draw ideas from other authors. If you are writing about yourself, then is still means you can get ideas from others and recreate yours. In essays, your argument, your opinion or your idea must be unique and avoid plagiarism at all cost.

  3. Analyse what you have read

    From number 2 tips on how to start writing an essay, you still have analyse what you have read. It’s important because it helps understand all you have read then you then have to give your thoughts about the topic.

  4. Your ideas should be Precise

    Do not for any reason think the readers, or reader should figure out what you are trying to say. Always be very clear about your opinion and ideas. Never live a reader hanging. You are not writing a novel.

  5. Be a critic to your own Essay

    Assume you are given to read an essay and give your opinion. This means you should read your own essay and criticize it. Or you can as well give to friends or family to do that for you.

  6. Always Draft

    Draft is simply about just writing key points on every part of an essay. For instance, you can write what should be introduction, first paragraph, second paragraph etc. Draft serves as a guideline when writing an essay


Every essay should have a conclusion or a summary part to give final judgement on the topic. For personal essays, it can be closing remarks. Need an essay writer,contact me here

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