VBlogger: How to get started as a video blogger

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VBlogger is a person that blogs using videos. The term has been broaden in modern times that the main aim of video blogging is to showcase the persona, culture, nature of a particular interest. As a Video blogger, you can select a niche to which you wish to show videos relating to that aspect. In this post we will teach how to get started as a video blogger

Vblogging Vs Written Blog

Written blog is this type you are reading this article from. Written blogs do not actually give a visual effect to a particular topic. Whereas Vblogging or video blogging or Vlogging can provide you with visuals and given a deeper insight to the topic.

Vlogging could be very tedious as you need to shoot videos sometimes, or create videos and edit them via Software.

How to get started as a VBlogger

The following are the ways to get started as a vblogger;

1. Camera or Smartphone with a Sharp camera

This is dependent on the type of vblogging you may want to start. A vblogging centred on tutorials on coding, how to solve a computer problemmay not require a camera. Maybe a screen recording software for that purpose. But if you wish to start a cultural expository blogging, make up tutorial or any thing relating to showcasing something, then a camera will be needed

2. Video Editing software

This is a must as a video blogger. if you wish to edit videos yourself then you will need a software for that. Else you can pay someone to do that for you.

3. Open a Youtube account

The very first place to start posting your videos is on youtube. This is the best place you can get started. Youtube is by far the biggest online streaming service.

4. social Media pages

You have to open accounts on Instagram, Facebook, and Tik Tok. You will want to direct people from Social media to your YouTube page to get the full video.

5. Advertise yourself

You will need to engage in online platforms that can help you get popular. Comment on other peoples pages and channels and try to direct people to you. Contact other vbloggers to help talk about you while you offer them money or do something for them in return. You have to be very active on the internet as well

After all of these, you can monetize your YouTube channel to start making money from the traffic.

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