How to make money in a foreign country

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Immigrating to a new country is a dream come through to many people around the world. Whether you wish to immigrate for greener pastures, tourism, or short holiday. One thing is certain, you will be spending money while in the new land. This is why we put up various ways on how you can make money in a foreign country.

A new country means new opportunities to make money. To survive in a new country, it is very important to understand what works in the place. What skills are sell-able, what products are needed, what services the locals are ready to pay well for.

You just arrived in new country and wish to know how to get started on making money, then go through the list of how to make money in a foreign country

How to make money in a foreign country

This following jobs below are they ways on how to make money in a foreign country;

  • Restaurant and Bar Jobs
  • Influencer Job
  • Freelancer
  • Online tutor
  • Travel Agent

Lets take a summary of them all to see what each entails;

Restaurant and Bar Jobs

The first on our list on how to make money in a foreign country is Bars and Restaurant jobs. We chose this first just in case you do not have skill or certification. These are the easiest type of jobs you can get in a foreign country. Many European and American countries pay hourly for such jobs. This jobs are very rampant and therefore getting it will be very easy.


Are you a social media lover and have a large following, then this is the time to showcase yourself. All you have to do is simply approach businesses and offer to help them market their products and services to your followers.

They will be willing to pay you as long as you can assure them of getting sales.


Freelancers are people who offer services to several businesses. A freelancer makes more money if they have a skill people want. You can start off on freelance websites such as Upwork, Fiverr and

Another way to seek jobs as a freelancer is by direct marketing to businesses around you. Walk up to them and tell them of your skill and how it can benefit their business.

Online tutor

There are several types of tutorials this days online. Sometimes it might be a language tutorial. Are you from an English speaking country and migrated to a non-English country, then you are lucky. Just apply to schools as an English teacher. Or simply setup your own English school.

Travel Agent

This is a good business for those that applied for their Visas themselves without an agent. You can start your own travel agency by helping people from your previous country to this new country. Especially is you are from a third-world country to a first world country.

This is a sure way to make money because people will seek your help for visa application processing and any other thing.

In conclusion, like we early stated above, make sure you study this new country properly and see what the locals need. You can start selling products to the locals like arts from Africa if you are an African country in Europe.

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