Top Platforms to get Conference for Visa application

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With the high rate of Internet fraud in the world, with lots of scamming and deceits, it is important to get real and genuine places for conference. When going for conference, seminars, research etc, the are Visa types for such purposes.

Most of the time, you need a Letter of invitation from the conference to secure a Visa. The process is quite easy. All you need to do is get register for the conference and make you you complete all processes. When you have successfully registered and done everything as requested by the conference, then they should send you a “Letter of Invitation” which will be used to apply for Visa.

Getting the right conference that is genuine and real is very important. This is why we have listed platforms or sites that announces conferences for interested people. This platforms are very much trusted.

Top Platforms to get Conference for Visa Application

Looking for conferences to attend, then visit any of the websites listed below;

1. World Conference Alerts (WCA)

This is arguably one of the best places to get Conferences.Very popular and reliable. One can get workshops, seminars, and conferences of any sort for any place in the world. WCA is of the most credible platform to get conference for Visa application.

If you are a student, researcher, or anything related, then there are conferences listed in WCA for you. The conferences are for any discipline such as engineering, medicine, Technology,Law, environmental science, business, mathematics, social studies and more.

In addition, those who are organizers and that offer conferences are invited to list or register their conference in WCA.

Interested in visiting their website, follow this link:

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2. Evenbrite

Eventbrites is on the list of platforms to get conference for Visa application. Known to be reliable, trusted by many and very consistent at providing conferences for people, we chose to list them here. The platform is a global one that allows people create, share and find events that appeals to their passion. Therefore, eventbrites is highly visited and well trusted. You can find all sorts of events there such as conferences, marathons, expos, fundraising and many more.

Visit the website:

3. World Conference Calendar

Looking for a free and credible platform to get conference. music, competitions and seminars, then World Conference calendar is a good place to start. the platform can give you conferences for Visa application.

visit their website at


Kindly note that we do not have any affiliation with any of the platform above. Also keep in mind that Visa application and securing a visa isn’t assured just because you got a letter of invitation from any conference.



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