How to get an Ideal Bank statement for Visa Application

Ideal Bank statement for Visa Application
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There are many documents in the list of Visa requirements for many countries. And one of those documents is “Bank Statement”. Many people often get Visa rejection because of a bank statement. In this post we will tell you how to get an Ideal Bank statement for Visa Application to avoid rejection.

Bank Statement is very important when applying for a Visa. For what ever visa type you are interested in applying for, bank statement is needed. The amount that should reflect in your bank statement matters and it’s not about having a very fat bank account.

What is Bank Statement?

A bank statement is a document that shows financial transaction of a bank account within a certain period. It usually have an Opening and Closing balance.

For most Visa application, the bank statement period is usually within 3 months. Some countries ask for 6 Months while other like UK may ask for just 28 days statement for a study Visa.

How does Embassies Verify a Bank Statement?

Embassies usually have a verification officer that works for a bank. When you submit your bank statement alongside other visa requirements, the embassy sends the statement document to the bank staff.

They send them the mail and ask the bank officer to verify the statement and revert.


Qualities of A Good Bank Statement for Visa processing

As earlier said, having a fat bank account doesn’t guarantee valid bank statement. For what ever money you have in the statement, make sure it can be proven. We have outlined the qualities of an ideal bank statement for Visa application or processing.

NOTE: Please do not ever present a fake r false bank statement. You could be banned for 2-5 years which is solely dependent on the country. Using agencies for Visa processing is good but make sure they do not submit bank statement for you because many use fake bank statement. You are advised to submit bank statement yourself.

  1. Bank statement must have steady flow of income.
  2. Run bank statement effectively
  3. DO not falsify Bank statement
  4. Use a Sponsor’s Bank statement which could be a family related or corporate account (employer’s account or business account of sponsor)

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Amount that should be in a Bank statement

This is solely dependent on the Visa type. The bank statement usually have a closing and opening balance. This means that the bank statement the closing balance must correlate with what the opening balace.

Check out the explanation from Naijagoingabroad

Assuming your opening balance is NGN500,000 and your monthly income/salary is NGN200,000. In your application, if you state that you are single, it implies that you should be able to save an average of 100,000 – 150,000 monthly after expenses. We would expect that your closing balance should be in the range of 100,000 – 150,000 times 6 + 500,0000 = 1,100,000 – 1,400,000. We assumed that you do not have additional sources of income. If you submit an account with, for example, about 5 million naira closing balance, you can see clearly that the money in your account does not correlate with your financial profile, therefore you will need to explain where the money came from, such as explaining and submitting proof of additional sources of income existence.


Now that you know how to present a bank statement, make sure you do it the right way. In Case someone is offering you money, the best option is to receive the money in another account and start paying it into the account you wish to use for Visa application little by little. This means that, if you run a business, you can send the money to some friends and they should be depositing it into your account so that it will look as though it business transactions. but this should be in a span of 3 months or more.


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