6 Best Business Ideas for foreigners in Nigeria

Business ideas for foreigners
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Are a Non-Nigerian or Foreigner who is willing to get into Nigeria or already living and  seeking for the Best business to make money in the country? Then stick to this post on the 5 Best Business ideas for foreigners.

Nigeria happens to have the biggest or Largest economy in Africa with about $370 billion in GDP while the country all ranks as the “country with the highest number of poor people”.

With over 190 million people, the country is the highest populated nation in Africa and 7th in the world. This means that for what ever kind of business you have in mind, the country has the population for it


6 Best Business Ideas for Foreigners in Nigeria

1. Restaurant

We placed Restaurant as the number 1 because Nigerians love food and most especially, the people appreciate foreign foods. They are never afraid to try new things. As long as they perceive that the restaurant is foreign with alien foods, Nigeria will quickly jump at it.

2. Herbal Drugs

This has got be one of the best business ideas for foreigners. Selling organic or herbal drugs is something that will highly be patronised by Nigeria. A lot of Nigerians love organic or Natural ointments, drugs and etc.

3.  Exporting Agriculture produce out of Nigeria

Many non African Nations most often times feed on artificially grown foods. especially fruits, vegetables and meat. This will be a service to your country if you can supply natural grown agricultural produce from Nigeria. Nigeria has one of the richest soils in the world. And almost 100 percent of Nigeria’s farm produce are naturally grown

4. Mining of Solid Minerals

Among the list of best business ideas for foreigners is the mining of solid minerals in Nigeria. Oil & gas is highly political but the government have little or no interest in other minerals available in the country.

5. Farming

As earlier mentioned, Nigerian soil is very rich. This makes the growing of crops to be easy and very cheap. Agriculture in Nigeria as an industry is still undergoing progress as the method of farming is still primitive. As a foreigner, bringing in foreign expertise and heavy machinery for agriculture will be of great benefit to you and the people. Nigerians eat lots of Cassava, Yam, Vegetable and fruits. For animal rearing, livestocks and birds will do.

6. Real estate

Bulk of Nigerians are poor and can hardly afford standard accommodation. Therefore, it is advisable as a foreigner with large capital to build low cost housing estates.


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