Top 10 in-demand Jobs in Canada in 2020

in-demand Jobs in Canada in 2020
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Whether you are about to immigrate to Canada or just arrived and in search of jobs, this post will point out the Top 10 in-demand jobs in Canada for 2020.

Since the Canadian government stared the Express Entry and skilled worker program to foreigners, there have been high rate of Visa application to the country. This means that many people from around the world, especially from Africa, India, Asia and middle-east are looking towards the North American country for Greener Pastures..

While many have successfully migrated, many are still trying their best to get picked by the Canadian government. So if you are in Canada or about to leave for Canada, then this list of In-demand jobs is strictly for you.

To get quick job, you should align your CV to fit this jobs to be listed below or get certifications that will make you a professional for these jobs. Though in another of our post, we have outlined the best certificates you can try to acquire in Canada. To know these top 10 certificates to acquire, click here now.

Top 10 in-demand Jobs in Canada in 2020

As 2020 just started, we have compiled the list of jobs which are in high demand in Canada. This list was compiled by people living in Canada and the data was gotten in 2019. So this means, this 2020, if you missed out from last year, make sure you direct your CV to this types of jobs or simply acquire certificates to make you have a better chance on getting them.

  1. Sales Associate
  2. Administrative Assistance
  3. Driver
  4. Developer
  5. Blockchain Developer
  6. AI researcher
  7. Chief Experience Officer
  8. Live Chat Agent
  9. Human Resource Officer
  10. Receptionist

The aforementioned jobs in-demand are easy to get as long as you have the skill. Developers in Canada are highly paid and if you are one, then you are made. Blockchain developer has to do with Cryptocurrency. A developer who is well grounded in the dynamic coding of the Blockchain.

Just do a research on any you do not fully understand. As for those who already have skills in any of the area, just apply for those roles in companies.

Good luck.


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