No IELTS for Nigerians: Canadian University that dont require English Test

Dont require IELTS from Nigerians
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Studying abroad is a big dream that requires lots of requirement. This requirements are documents, finances and most times English test results. This is a major set back for most people because passing English test could be an herculean task. Thankfully, there are some Canadian universities that do not require IELTS from Nigerian who wishes to study in the North American country.


There are many good reasons anyone will want to study in Canada. On EOF the many reasons is that they have ones of the best schools in world. In addition, Canadian student Visa gives you work permit and after your study period you will also have opportunity to remain in the country.


Do you want to study in Canada and do not want to write IELTS? Then this post is just for you.

Canadian universities that do not require IELTS from Nigerians

The following Canadian universities on the list below do not require you to have any English test result to show you can speak it. They just need other documents. You may want to read our post on how to get a Study Visa to Canada to fully get the requirements.

Universities that dont require IELTS from Nigerians include;

1. University of Winnipeg

2. Simon Fraser University

3. Thompson river university

4. Brock university

5. McMaster University

6. Brandon University

7. Concordia university

8. University of Manitoba

9. University ofschooling.


To get full detail of each university, ypi will have to visit their official websites. You can get their official sites by using google. Also remember to refer to our post on how to get a study visa to Canada. Link here.

Canada is a beautiful country with lots of job opportunity. Furthermore, the country has  opened its borders to immigrants for the application of skilled workers via their express entry program. This is a good time to study in the country and mate in time you can also get your Permanent residence after schooling.


Good luck in your study journey.

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