How to Stay Healthy When Travelling: 7 Tips

stay healthy when travelling
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Staying healthy on a trip is very important especially travelling long distance. You don’t want to fall sick, catch a flu or have an unstable stomach condition while making a trip. These 7 tips we have outlined below are gotten from 50 travellers whose ideas we have compiled into 8.

Healthy travelling means a lot if you wish to really enjoy your holiday, business meeting or any other purpose in the destination. When you reach your destination healthy, you will have zeal to achieve the your goal in the travel destination.

7 Tips on How to Stay Healthy on a Long Travel

  1. Sleep well before Trip
    A lot of people travelling often find it difficult to sleep especially when you are going to a new place for the first time. Many travelers have agreed that they often get very excited to the extent that they do not even sleep. Many have also complained that they also get Jet-lagged when they land especially when they do not catch enough sleep before making such a journey. We advice that before making any trip, make sure you sleep well. This will keep you strong and healthy for the long journey ahead.
  1. Exercise
    When making a trip, make sure you exercise your body before the trip. Exercise makes you overcome jet-lag. As that, when you are travelling from a tropical climate to a winter area, exercise keeps your strong for the extreme cold you will eventual witness in the destination.
  2. Stay Hydrated
    DO not underestimate the power of water in the body. You can go with a water bottle to keep yourself hydrated. Do not be scared of a pee. There are toilets in Airplanes and Trains. Even some buses do have toilets. Water keeps the body healthy at all times.
  3. Avoid Alcohol
    You cant take Number 3 Advice and still drink alcohol. Do you remember your Chemistry classes, Alcohol is a dehydrating agent. Therefore keep off alcohol in a long journey. Aside that, Alcohol could cause slight headache if taken to some extent and could lead to weak joints. You can have sip to take your favourite photo though.
  4. Eat Healthy
    Please avoid foods you are not used to on the plane or train. Even if you travel by road, when there is a stopover, avoid foods that may cause stomach upset.
  5. Pick a Good Seat
    This is important especially traveling by road. There are some seats that may not be too good for you. What about a flight travel? Same goes as well.

    Pro Tip from a Traveler: You’re less likely to get sick sitting in First Class than coach. Because there are fewer seats upfront it reduces your chance of coming into contact with someone who’s sick. Unless of course, that person is ni First class.

  6. Use wipes instead of tissue papers
    It is important that when making a long trip, take wipes along. Clean your hands whenever you touch surfaces and also do not clean your nose or mouth with tissues. The tissue residues can cause catarrh.

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