Malaysia Visa Application Form-How to Fill it

Malaysia Visa Application Form

After much asking from readers, we have decided to write on how to fill a Malaysia Visa Application form and we hope after this step by step guide, you will be able to do it yourself. So read carefully.

THe form needs to be downloaded on your mobile device and printed. Then you can start filling it. To get this form to download, you will need to get to the VFS Global official page but we have brought the link to you here. CLICK THIS LINK TO DOWNLOAD FORM:

Now that you have successfully downloaded the application form to be filled, here is how to fill the form.

How to Fill the Malaysia Visa Application form


Viewing the form, you will see it is separated in segment and you can as well see some check boxes. So follow our step below;

  1. Fill in your full name in the space provided and must be in capital letters all through.
  2. The gender section takes the third place, tick your gender box, either male or female.
  3. Fill in your place of birth alongside your country of birth in the spaces provided correctly.
  4. Fill in your date of birth correctly following this format; DD-MM-YYYY
  5. Fill in your Nationality in the space provided, also fill in your occupation in the other area provided on the form.
  6. Write in your correct residential address, which must correspond with the address on your passport, correctly fill in your telephone number, if you have any, and then fill in your ten digits mobile number.
  7. Tick your current marital status in the boxes provided.


There is another segment for you to fill after the section containing your details. The second segment, which states “ Type of document travel” fill in your passport number alongside the country as well as the state from which your passport is being issued, also write in the expiry date as well as the renewal date of your passport in the following format; DD-MM-YYYY.

If you happen to have been invited by a company, state in the details of the company, else skip the space provided for that. Fill in the specific period you are going to spend in the country before vacating the state, also fill in the purpose of your travel to Malaysia, fill in your date of application and lastly, append your signature to the application form and you are done and ready to submit your application form.

It’s just that easy; all you need to do is to follow up the instructions we have laid right above for you as well as the instruction stating where to fill a particular detail on the form, luckily the form is translated in the English language.

Now that you have downloaded and filled the application form in the right order and format, you would need some documents to help you gain approval for your visa.


We hope this post we well explained and please do not hesitate to ask your questions in the comment section below.


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