How to Write Letter of Introduction for Visa Application

letter of introduction for visa application
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Applying for visa can be quite tedious especially when you are new to it. One aspect many get tired of is writing a letter of introduction for a visa application. This is usually a requirement for many country’s embassy. In this post we will help you understand what a letter of introduction is and the information that is required with it. Keep reading.


NOTE while applying for a visa you might come across self-introductory letter. This is another form of letter written and required by embassy. Any form of letter writing is solely dependent on the Visa type and country embassy. A lot of people have confused a letter of introduction for a Self-introduction letter. We will also differentiate both on the post.


Self-introduction Letter and how to write

This letter is simply the type you write ad it should ONLY describe you. You are meant to write this letter and this letter must be signed you at the bottom. The details needed in this letter are listed below;

  1. Your full name
  2. Date of birth
  3. Nationality
  4. Address
  5. Phone number
  6. Passport number
  7. The name of the country at which you are applying for a visa.
  8. Your educational background.
  9. Your plans.

This letter should be duly signed by you.

If you are set to write an introduction letter for visa, make use of the below format;

  • The embassy’s address (should be written a the upper right-hand corner)
  • Personal address and active contact details should follow.
  • Current date should be the next up
  • An objective (your objective), which should be no longer than a full statement.
  • Call the attention of the visa officer/consular, for instance, “Dear Sir/Madam” (if you don’t know the name of your recipient).

Now to the main body of the letter; 


Start with “I, (your full name)”, and follow it up with a formal way of describing where you are planning to visit and the purpose at which you want to visit the place, when the trip is intended to commence and when the journey would end (i.e., the date of your visit to the country and the date of your departure from the country). Following this would be the clarification of the duration of your trip in the country.

After all, these have been written formally, you would have to mention it in the letter that you have in possession of all the required documents for your visa and that you are requesting the application of a visa for the duration you have stated above. After all this, you are done with the letter and have done a great job, close the letter with “Yours sincerely,” followed by your full name and signature.


Well done, that’s just the right format to get your introduction letter for a visa ready to be submitted.

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How to Write a Letter of introduction

To start with, you have no business writing this letter. Take note. This letter of introduction can only be written by your EMPLOYER. This means that either the CEO, HR or MD of the company you are working is required to write this letter. Most companies already have a format of a letter of introduction with the HR dept but for medium scale companies, some do not have and you might be required you to assist them as regard the format. This letter should just include your employment details, your expected date of return from leave etc.

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For a self-introduction letter for visa, you are only required to write a letter explaining your purpose of trip, travel itinerary, employment description, and the supporting documents used in the application. However, if you are to write an introduction letter for visa, then know that this would be written by your employer explaining your employment details and a couple of other information above. It’ just that simple and easy.

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