How to write a Student Visa Self-introduction

student Visa self-introduction letter

Looking to school abroad and secure a Student Visa, then you must have come across that as part of the required documents, a self-introduction is needed. In addition, note that a self-introduction for a student visa is totally different for that of a Tourist and Visitor’s Visa also Business Visa. You need to see the format of a Student Visa Letter of Introduction to get this right once.

If you are at the stage of writing this letter, then it means you have already gotten an admission from the foreign university and you are about to submit all documents to the embassy and this letter of introduction is needed.

This should be centered around you and what your plans for visiting or studying in the country. this should also state your reason for choosing the institution.


FORMAT: How to write a Student Visa Self-Introduction


  1. State that your application to a specific school in the country you are applying has been approved, also attach documents backing up your claims to the letter.
  2. Introduce yourself properly in this letter (mention any work experience you have if there is any, and also make sure you attach a letter from your employer backing up your claims)
  3. Purpose: state your intention for applying for a school outside your country (i.e. career advancement etc), also state the reason why you chose that particular school, what do you think the school has to offer you, how do you think the school can help your career, and if possible, highlight significant companies that you have seen or heard hiring students from your school of choice.
  4. Financial information: highlight the details of all the fees you have paid into the institution and attach the copies of the receipts to back up your claim.
  5. State that you have health insurance (if applicable)
  6. Proof of accommodation: state in the letter that you have taken care of the issues of housing, of which you would have to include the address of the shelter, contact information, and owner’s name.
  7. Proof of funds: state clearly that you have access to funds to cater to your needs throughout your duration in school: highlight funds, amount, bank name, bank statement, and contact information.
  8. Assure the consulate that you are going to return to your country of origin after you have completed your academics in the country and also assure them of establishing yourself in your career. Highlight the strong ties you have in your country of origin to serve as an assurance that you would return to your country of origin (i.e., Photographs of family member alongside their names and so on)
  9. Conclusion: After you have formally stated all that is required for a student visa application, you are to say your gratitude as well to conclude the letter of introduction. More also, state that you assure them that the information you have given in the letter is up to date and that they are free to contact you anytime for further questioning (supply your active contact details).


Now that you have seen how to write a letter of introduction, we advise you follow the format. IF you are not a student pr your purpose of Visiting is different, then see our post on How to Write Letter of Introduction for Visa Application.


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