Visitor Visa Requirements to get into Nigeria

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Nigeria is one of the most popular country in Africa and the most populated in the continent as well. The country which is well sort after by many investors due to its riches in Natural resources is quite easy to get into. If you are an African, you may be lucky because the President of Nigeria has announced that the country will give Visa free to all countries within the continent. However, this has not been approved yet as at writing this post. But there are some already Visa free countries to Nigeria. Keep reading as we furnish you with the Visitor Visa Requirements to get into Nigeria.

From where ever you may be coming from, gaining entry into Nigeria is quite straight if you have your documents complete and duly legalized. but before we dive into the Visa requirements for a Visitor’s or Tourist visa, lets look at all Visa types.

Nigeria Visa free

Nigeria Visa Types Available to foreigners

  1. Visitor’s or Tourist Visa
  2. Business Visa
  3. Temporary Work Permit (TWP)

On this post we will focus on the Visitor’a or Tourist Visa requirements.

Visitors or Tourist Visa Requirements to get into Nigeria for all Nationalities

According to the Nigerian Immigration  Service  visa guidelines on the official page, the following visa requirements are needed to gain access into Nigeria.

  1. Passport valid for at least 6 months and must contain at least 2 Blank pages
  2. Completed visa application form: The Visa application form can be filled online from the official Nigeria Immigration site. Link Above
  3. Two recent passport size photographs
  4. A Letter of Invitation from a company/host in Nigeria accepting immigration responsibility
  5. Visitors/Tourists are required to show evidence of sufficient funds
  6. Nigeria Immigration Service Visa Payment Receipt and Visa Acknowledgement Receipt

Gather this documents and start your application online on the official page of the Nigeria Immigration service.

When you are on the immigration site, please read every information. especially when you are about starting your application.


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