Nigeria offers All African countries Visa FREE-On Arrival

Nigeria Visa free
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Good news to those who have been seeking Visa entry into the Giant of Africa, Nigeria. The Most populous country in Africa, Nigeria has announced through its President Muhammadu Buhari that the country is open to give all African countries Visa on Arrival.

In a forum called Aswan Forum which preaches sustainability and peace, the president of Nigeria was in Attendance and that was where he broke the news to everyone. President Muhammadu explained that it was a way to unite Africa and encourage trade among African Nations.

For Africans who may have wished to get into the country with the biggest economy in Africa, then your prayers have been answered.

We will give a detailed post on How to get into Nigeria from Any African nation. This post will contain the requirements and of course the step by step guide.

Nigeria as a country is home to many solid mineral resources like any you may seek. It is also among the largest producers of Oil & gas in the world. While also been among the exporters of Agricultural products in Africa, the country also boast to have the wealthiest people as well as having the poorest people.

In terms of other areas Nigeria thrives, it is the most sort after nation in Africa when it comes to entertainment. The country has the biggest African Musical artiste which have gained global recognition.

Leisure is something you cannot fault Nigeria on. Nigeria have a lot of natural and man-made places to catch fun. Beaches, Lounges, luxury hotels, Night live is 100% and parks and recreational centres like game reserve and zoos.

There are many reasons to Visit the African giant!!



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