Finest and Best Places to live in Nigeria

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Nigeria is the biggest country in Africa in terms of population and has the biggest economy as well. This has made the African Country the most popular in the continent. Today Nigeria holds the title as the giant of Africa. Highly respected by many African Nation and the western world. many people from all over the world travel down to the great country to Work and live. And even Nigerians  whether local or in diaspora often search for the best and finest places to live and this is why we would focus on Nigeria in this post.

Choosing the right to Live has a long role to play towards achieving your goals. In this case, your goals can be Business, career, Peace of mind, Scenery, low cost housing, low crime rate and many others. We have taken out time to study every city in Nigeria this list was generated after this survey.


Finest and Best Places to live in Nigeria


This is the commercial hub of the country. Lagos takes the number spot because if gives you almost everything you seek. Been one of the best and finest places in Nigeria. The key characteristic of this city is that it happens to be the most populous city in Africa with about 20 Million inhabitants. In addition, Lagos has areas for different social status. The Island of Lagos is much regarded as the place for the high class people while the mainland of Lagos has it all. Which is Poor, middle class and the Rich.

Looking to grow your career, Lagos has the biggest companies in the country. From Local Conglomerate to multi-national companies. And in as much as Lagos is regarded as a rough city, it is still one of the safest cities in the country.

2. Abuja

This is the capital of Nigeria. The place is also known as Federal Capital Territory (FCT Abuja). This is where the headquarters of all government parastatals reside. Furthermore, Abuja is known to be the most planned city in Nigeria and arguably th most expensive in terms of Rents of apartments. Feeding and transport is very much affordable in the FCT.

When it comes to Safety, Abuja is also a safe place since it houses all government officials in the federal level, and that is where the Presidential Villa (Aso Rock) is located.

3. Calabar

Calabar is was the former capital of Nigeria before it went to Lagos then Abuja. Capital was one of the most developed place in Nigeria and still today. Calabar is the capital of cross river state in Nigeria. The place is among the finest and best places to live in Nigeria because it is peaceful, beautiful and has low cost of livelihood.

4. Ibadan

This is one of the oldest city in Nigeria also regarded as the biggest in the whole of West Africa. Ibadan has this calmness, peace. Looking for where to live with low cost housing, cheap feeding and transportation, then this city is for you.

It is also beautiful but it is not its selling point as it has more ugly places than the fine ones. The places that are great in Ibadan is Jericho, Bodija, and Dugbe area.

5. Uyo

On this list of Best and finest laces to live in Nigeria, Uyo appears as one of them. Uyo prides in its green scenery, neatness and beautiful people. Maybe quite expensive but obviously a beautiful places to live

6. Port Harcourt

This is the biggest city in Southern Nigeria. Port Harcourt is the capital of Rivers state which is an oil rich state in Nigeria. Port harcourt is regarded as a rich zone and prides in it green scenery. It is the most green city in Nigeria after Enugu state.

7. Enugu

Enugu should be topping the list of best and finest places to live in Nigeria if you want to consider Nature as the number goal. Enugu is very green, Neat and the people there are very welcoming and friendly.

The cost of living in Enugu is very cheap but does not have much of businesses there.

8. Benin City

Popularly known as the Ancient City of Benin. This is another very Old city in Nigeria that has been existing precolonial period. The city is a place for low cost of living and highly peaceful. Benin People are very friendly and ready to make you their friendly. The city may not be too fine but it is very clean and peaceful.


9. Kano

This is the pride of Northern Nigeria. The city is the most populated city in the North of Nigeria and second most populated in Nigeria with about 17 million inhabitants.

I addition, Kano State has its very nice areas. Looking for where to live cheap, less urban and peace, then this Northern giant state is right for you. It is also the commercial hub of Northern Nigeria.

10. Owerri

This is one of the finest places in South Eastern Nigeria. Owerri appears at our 10th spot of best and finest laces to live in Nigeria because it is loosing its beauty due to lack of modernization. Though the place which is the capital of Imo state is still very lovely, green and neat. One cool thing about Owerri is its peaceful nature and lots of fun things to do. It is the most fun place in South eastern Nigeria.


Other fine places in Nigeria include Onitsha, Kaduna, and Jos. So take your time and look at each state too choose where fits you.


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