How to apply for student Visa to Cyprus from Nigeria

Student visa to cyprus
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Do you plan on studying in Cyprus as a Nigerian,  then check out all you need to know in the post below.  In this we will show you how to apply for a student Visa to Cyprus from Nigeria.

To all Nigerian citizens,  to study in Cyprus,  you must apply for Cyprus student visa through its embassy here in Nigeria.  This visa gives you the authorisation to study in the country for more than 6 months.  This means that you your study period exceeds 6 months then this student visa type is what you need.

There are requirements that is needed to apply for the study visa and these documents must be original and real.  Please do not forge documents as it could lead you into problems.

Requirements for Cyprus Student Visa for Nigeria

1. Duly filled and signed Cyprus visa application form. Click here to download

2. Four recent passport photographs with white background and full face capture.

3. International Passport with at leat 1 year validity and at least 1 blank page.   You can also submit previous passports with visas and stamps; this can help assess your travel history.

Undergraduate And Postgraduate

4. Acedemic transcripts and results: you will need to submit all your academic transcripts from Secondary school till University or PG.  Copies of the original

5. Financial sufficient Proof: this couldbe your own statement of account or Sponsors.  sponsorship letter or statement with a minimum equivalent of €7000.

If On Scholarship

You will present the Scholarship certificate grants and financial documentation/guarantees from your sponsor. This is required to cover all living, study, accommodation, healthcare, entertainment and return travel costs for the school year.

6. Original Police certificate or report indicating that you are of no criminal record.

7. Original medical certificates. (HIV, Hepatitis B, Yellow Fever, Hepatitis C, Syphilis & Tuberculosis).

8. Tuition fees payment receipt from your institution or university in Cyprus.

9. Proof that you have paid tuition of the institution that you were admitted in Cyprus .

10. Final admission offer letter from your institute or university in Cyprus detailing the following;

a.The applicant’s full name.
b. The name of the institution.
c. What course/programme.
d. The duration of the course/programme.
e. Details of tuition fees.

How to apply for Student Visa to Cyprus from Nigeria

1. Apply to an educational institution in Cyprus. Get admitted and they will give you your admission letter and pay your tuition.

2. Take the admission letter plus all the documents above to the embassy of Cyprus in Nigeria.

3. Download and fill the Visa Application form.  Form link above (requirements section)

4. Submit the form at the embassy and pay the visa application fee.

5. Go home and wait to be recalled for collection.

Cyprus Visa processing time

This usually take 1 to 2 months.  So it is advisable you apply like 2-3 months prior to your intended travel date.

Embassy of Cyprus in Nigeria

Abuja Office Address

Embassy of Cyprus,
Abuja Capital Motors,
Leventis Close,
Central Business District,

Lagos Office address:

High Commission of Cyprus,
AG Leventis Nigeria,
Iddo House,

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