Best countries to study as a Nigerian

Best countries to study as a Nigerian
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We at Travelers Niche decided to combine a list of best countries to study as a Nigerian.  This post was inspired by the numerous mails we receive on a daily basis from followers,  readers and our community as to which countries is best choice to study.

While there is no definite answer to this question but we will still list this coubtries out for some reasons.  As a Nigerian,  it is quite difficult to get Visa to most countries because of the bad political and economic instability faced by the country.

So finding the right country to study is of importance as you will need to consider language barriers,  people’s friendliness to foreigners especially from Africa,  job opportunities for students,  work and resident permit after study period.

Do we have countries in the world that have all these criteria?  Obviously Yes!  And every Nigerian,  having the financial means to study in such countries will easily get a Study Visa. So let us take a look at the best countries to study as a Nigerian below;

Best countries to study as a Nigerian

1. Canada

Canada isnt just one of the best destination for studying but also rated as one of the most friendly nation in the world after Spain. The North American country is recently open their borders to immigrants from all over the world to come into its territory to study,  live and even gain permanent residence.  Its popularly called the Canada Visa Lottery we have an Article on this to know more.  Click here

When it comes to language barrier,  Nigerians can cope easily in canada since the country predominantly speaks English and partly french. But Canada requires that Nigerians should write an English test (IELTS or any other) and French Test to immigrate to the country for study or Express entry.  The Country also have one of the bey educational institutions in the world,  great medical care,  friendly citizens,  gay-friendly and more.

2. Germany

The Europwan giant is another good country to study as a Nigerian. Germany is well known to house one of the best institutions in the world with a very great economic strength as well.  Studying in Germany is very easy,  all it takes is to have the financial means and getting a study visa is guaranteed.  Well you also need to consider that applying for study visa means you need to get admitted to a school first. And you also need to provide the necessary documents as well. In addition,  Germany studnet visa also gives opportunities for work during study period as well as residence permit after end of study period.

When it comes to language barrier,  Germany also provides some courses in English.

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3. Norway

It seems weird to mention Norway.  Well the country is one of the best anyone can migrate to for study.  Langauage is not really a barrier as many Norwegian speak english.  The educational institutions also provide many course of study in English as well.  The study visa permits an individual to work while schooling. Furthermore,  at the end of study period, the individual is given extra 4 months to get a job in the country which will give an opportunity to secure a residence permit.

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4. Australia

On the list of best countries to study as a Nigerian,  Australia appears.  The country is another veey friendly nation for foreigners.  Australia provides favorable conditions for students who wishes to study in the country.  The student visa gives room for work during study period.  Also gives the individual the opportunity to remain in Australia after end of study time.  Language is not a barrier at all for Nigerians as the predominantly speak English.

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5. Spain

Yes,  spain.  There are many reasons any one will want to study in spain.  Language may not be a barrier because Spainish is one of the most important international lanuguages to learn.  You as a study will have the opportunity to learn spain.

You also live in a country with great scenery.  Friendly citizens and good foods.

In addition, spain has one of the best educational institutions in the world.  Many are ranked among the top 200 in the world. Study Visa may not give you the permit to work in spain but you have the opportunity to live in the country after your study time.

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On this list of 5 best countries to study as a Nigerian,  we put Canada, Spain, Germany, Norway and Australia l.  Many Nigerians often think USA and UK for schooling but neglect other countries.  The truth,  there are many countries out there that gibe quality education,  good living conditions and opportunities to career advancement. Take your time and do research on this countries and you will be glad at what you find.


Good luck.

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