How to Apply for Student visa to Poland from Nigeria

Poland student Visa
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This article is for Nigerian Citizens who wish to go to Poland to study.  Every information you require to study in The European country is in this post.  Learn how you can Apply for a student Visa to Poland living in Nigeria and as a citizen.

Why  Study in Poland?

There are several reasons why anyone will want to study in Poland.  But it is no news that a lot of Nigerians do not think Poland when it comes to schooling.  This is because the country’s wages is very low and it is not enough for students who wish to support he/her self through work while studying.

However,  it also favors people who are looking for a low cost  of living.  Poland is known to have one of the cheapest means of livelihood in Europe.

What is Poland Student Visa?

Poland student visa a document or pass given to foreigners who wish to study in the polish territory for more than 30 days.

The Polish student visa is regarded as a National visa which permits working while schooling..

Requirements to Apply for Poland Student Visa in Nigeria

To get this Visa type easily,  there are documents you will need to submit at the Polish embassy in Nigeria.  So make sure you check this list properly before heading to the embassy at Abuja,  Nigeria.

1. International Passport

2. Two recent photographs

3. Letter of Admission/offer letter from the Polish university to applied to.

4. Proof of tuition payment

5. Schengen Health Insurance

6. Proof of funds: this should be your bank statement if you are sponsoring yourself or use your sponsor’s statement not less than 6 months.

In addition,  if you are using a sponsor,  the bank statement should be accompanied by a letter of agreememt by the sponsr to suppprt your schooling in Poland.

7. Flight reservation proof to show the date you intend to travel.

8. Eligibility letter from the ministry of education: before you apply for the Poland student Visa,  make sure you have this letter.

9. All your academic certificates and transcripts.

10. All of your previously approved visas where applicable.

11. If a Minor is applying,  a letter of consent from parent/guardian should be added.  This letter must be legalized by the ministry of foreign affairs..

How to apply for the Poland Student Visa

1. Apply to an educational institution in Poland then get the letter of acceptance.

2- Go to and sign up to create a profile

3. Select Your Visa type. In this case,  you will select Poland Visa.

4. Fill the form correctly and you will be allowed to book an appointment.

5- Book an appointment for one of the available dates you are shown and submit your visa application form.

6- Print PDF file that will be shown after you submit your application. This document will show your appointment time.

7- Gather all the requisite documents.

8- Take all the documents and the PDF you printed out with you to the embassy on the day of your appointment.

9- At the embassy, you will submit your documents and will be interviewed as well.

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Where is Poland embassy in Nigeria?

Address in Abuja: No. 10 River Niger Street, Maitama Extension, Abuja.

Telephone Number (+234) 807 663 1021


The embassy attends to submission of documents from 9:30 am – 1 pm, Tuesday – Thursday

Collections are from 2pm-3pm, Tuesday-Thursday.

How much is Poland Visa application fee?

It is 60 Euros

What is the Visa processing time?

Between 2 weeks to 2 months.


Before you apply for the Poland student visa,  make sure your documents are duly legalized and validated by the Ministry of Education and ministry of foreign affairs..

Furthermore, it is advisable to search Facebook for Nigerian community i Poland  when you are about to travel.  It is fun to meet your own people wherever you travel to.

Good luck!


Any questions,  ask us below.

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