How to apply for student Visa to Russia in Nigeria

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Russia is one of the giant countries in the world.  Whether you want to look at its land mass,  economy,  technology advancement,  education, medicine and military the country has it all.  So if you wish to study in Russia either in Masters,  postgraduate or undergraduate you can get it in the country.  This post will be focused on how you can apply for a student visa to Russia from Nigeria.

What Is Russia Student Visa?

Just as we stated above,  if you want to go for an undergraduate program,  masters,  or P.Gd, you will need a Student Visa.

Russia Student Visa gives you the pass to enter into the European country to study.  This Visa type is only Valid between 3 months and 1 year but you have the chance to extend its duration to your study duration while you are in Russia.

If you wish to know how to get into Russia when education isnt your motive then check out our post on Nigeria to Russia Visa Requirement and Process.

Documents to apply for Russia Student Visa in Nigeria

To apply for the visa,  you will need to submit some documents alongside your Student visa application form.

1. Letter of Admission from the institution you enrolled in.  This is the very first step you take before even thinking of getting a Student visa.  You must apply to an educational institution in Russia,  gain the admission then start your Visa application process.

2. Visa application form.  This can be gotten online.  Click here

3. Passport

4. Health insurance: this can be gotten from most insurance company in Nigeria..

5. Flight reservation: flight booking is not or not necessary to secure a visa to Russia but you can reserve a flight.

6. Proof of fund: this is necessary to show your recent bank statement or sponsor’s.

7. HIV/AIDS report certificate to show you are negative..

8. 3 passport photograph

How to apply for the Russia student Visa.

Step 1: apply to an institution and gain admission.  Then take the letter of admission with other documents above to the embassy

Step 2: download the Visa application form online or simply fill when you get to the embassy..

Step 3: gather all documents

Step 4: submit in person at the embassy of Russia in Nigeria.  Third party submission is not allowed.

Step 5: collect your passport.

Cost of Russia Visa application

The Visa cost about 24,500 naira and takes between 4-20 days to process.

If you want it to be process faster additional charges.  This will be processed within 3 days.


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