How to get Student Visa to Austria

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  1. Studying in Europe is a dream for many Nigerians. But choosing Austria of all European countries isn’t much of a popular opinion.  What many fail to realize is that the country has very good education institution ranking high in the world. We will outline how you can get a student visa to Austria from Nigeria. To find out keep reading.

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Austria is a German speaking European country. It is well known country for sports events in Europe and also study destination for foreigners.  The country is a mountainous One with lovely scenery.

Many Nigerians often travel to Austria to study both short and long term courses  in their institutions.  To study in Austria, one will need a student visa which gives you the permission to live and study there.

What is Austria student Visa?

A student visa is pass that enables you to student in Austria for foreigners whose country is not signed with the EU treaty.  Unfortunately,  Nigeria is not an European country there citizens of Nigeria needs to get a Student visa. This will enable the Nigerian have access to study in Austria.

The Austrian Student Visa is a Type D visa.  This visa is usually valid for just 5 months during which the applicant must apply for a student permit and residence permit if he/she wishes to keep studying in the European country.  This means that if your course is longer than 6 months,  you will need to apply for study permit to enable you extend your stay in Austria for the duration of your program.

Documents and requirement for an Austria Student Visa for Nigeria

1. Letter of Admission/Offer letter

The very first document you will need is an admission letter or offer letter From an educational institution in Austria in which you have applied to.  It is highly recommended that you apply to at least 4 schools so that at least 1 can offer you admission.

2. Passport

3. Health insurance

4. Proof of funds: this could either be from you or your sponsor..

5. Travel itinerary: this is your flight ticket to Austria which must carry your PNR.  This must also be verifiable.

6. Accommodation

7. Police report from NPF: you can walk into any police station to get this certificate of good character.


And every other document will be contained known the letter of admission

How to apply for the Austria Student  Visa

To Apply for the Austria Student visa,  follow this steps

1. Apply to an Austrian Institution

2. Get admission offer letter

3. Apply for the Visa at VFS Global visa Application centre in Lagos or Abuja. This is the official Application centre for Austria in Nigeria.  Vfs Global have offices in Lagos and Abuja.

4. Track your application Online: this is to track the progress of your Visa application

5. Collect your passport.

How much is the Student Visa application Fee?.

The Austrian Student Visa application fee is about 80 Euros.  While study permit is about 100 euros.

Please note that the the fees might change as at when you wish to apply. We highly recommend that you verify the current price of the Visa fee.  This can be done at the Vfs  global Office or call their numbers on their website.

How long does the Student Visa processing take after submission?.

This process usually takes between 1 to 4 weeks after submission.  To avoid delay make sure all documents are complete and not fake..

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