How to Get student Visa to Denmark from Nigeria

student Visa to Denmark
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Studying in Denmark might be an unpopular opinion among Nigerians maybe because its not an English speaking country. But its also great to know that they offer most of their courses in English. This means there are intentional students from different part of the world studying in the European country. So in this post, we will help list the requirements to get a student visa to Denmark from Nigeria.

Why Study in Denmark?

Denmark is a popular and beautiful European country. One feature about this country is that it has a lovely scenery and great universities.

Studying in Denmark means you will be in universities that encourages research and work. This is why their graduates are regarded as industry standard.

What is Denmark study Visa for Nigerian?

The Denmark study Visa for Nigerians is a Schengen Type D Visa. This Visa type is given to people who wish to study in Denmark for over 6 months.

This means that, if your study period exceeds 6 months, you should apply for a Denmark Schengen type D Visa.

In addition, the Type D visa gives you a 6 months residence permit which enable to apply for a work permit. After you get a work permit, you can then have access to work 20 hours/week all through your study period.

Requirements to Obtain a Denmark Student Visa

There are several documents that needs to be gathered and taken to the Denmark Embassy in Abuja. This documents are listed below:

1. Admission letter/Acceptance Letter

This is very important to get. In fact it is one of the

2. International Passport not less than 3 months validity

3. 2 passport photograph.

4. Schengen Health Insurance

5. Accommodation

6. Travel itinerary

7. Proof of sufficient funds: studying and staying in Denmark will require that you proof that you can cater for expenses. In short, it is expected that you should present at least N330,000 per month for expenses.

8. Cover letter: This letter explains your plans when you visit Denmark. It includes your reasons for wanting to study in Demark.

9. Proof of tuition payment: You will also need to show that all expenses and fees like tuition fees and other payments have been covered and pay for.

10. Police clearance

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