Study Visa to Japan from Nigeria and Requirements

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Japan is one of the Asian giants as well as a world giant. This country is one of the most developed one in the world and therefore, their educational system is flawless. Looking fr Science and technology, then Japan is one stop country for that. It is uncommon to find Nigerians having the notion of studying in the Asian country but it is not a bad idea to study there. Nigerians in Nigeria do not think Japan as a likely place for education due to language barrier, this is why finding information on it is hard. But we have compiled an this article for those who wish to secure a Study Visa to Japan from Nigeria.

What is Japan Study Visa?

There are several Visa types that enable one travel to Japan depending on the purpose. A Japan Study Visa or Student Visa is a Long-Term Visa that enables one stay in the country for more than 90 days or for as long as the Study duration.

This study visa also allows the applicant to work up to 28 Hours while schooling in the country.

How to Apply for Japan Study Visa while in Nigeria

Step 1: The very first step is to apply to an institution in Japan. If you are taken by the institution, you will ve sent a Visa application form in which you will fill and Send back to the school.

Step 2: The school  will send your details to the embassy of Japan in Nigeria. Which they will review and send you a Certificate of Eligibility.

Step 3: now you will download this form Visa Application Form Here. Fill it and add the following documents below;

Japan Study Visa Requirements for Nigeria

1. A valid international which must have 2 blank pages

2. Admission Letter from the institution of application

3. A passport photograph of about 6 Months to recent

4. A certificate of eligibility (COE) issued by the regional immigration authority in Japan.

5.  All your Nigerian Acedemic Certificates showing accomplishments. This could include high school transcripts, diploma certificate, WAEC, NECO, and graduating transcripts.

6. A recent bank statement:  This should prove your ability to pay for your living expenses for at least your first year in Japan. It is recommended that you have up to ¥2,000,000 in your bank account. If you have a constant source of income, include documents supporting the fact.

7. Proof that you have paid your Tuition fee.

8. Bank Statement of sponsor: This should be provided only if you  have a Sponsor. This could be an organization, Parent or relative. Or just anyone who wish tot sponsor you.

9.  Your parent or sponsor will also need to write a letter stating their intention to sponsor your education and other living expenses for the duration of your studies in Japan. This letter must be signed by your sponsor. You will also need to provide a copy of their passport and birth certificate.

10- A flight itinerary 

11- A visa application form that was filled as directed and completed honestly.

NOOTE: Please DO NOT Staple any document listed above.

Where is Japan embassy in Nigeria – Lagos, Abuja?

 The Japanese embassy in Nigeria is situated in Abuja:

No.9, Bobo Street off Gana Street, Maitama, Abuja, Nigeria. Phone number: 090-6000-9019/9099, Website:


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