Student Visa to Switzerland from Nigeria

Student visa to Switzerland
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Studying in Switzerland is one of the best decisions any one can make regarding educational advancement.  Making a choice to study requires a student visa to Switzerland. So if you are interested in securing a student visa to Switzerland from Nigeria,  then keep reading.

Switzerland is one of the best and stable European country and the world at large.  The country is among the countries with the strongest economy,  good social policies and happy citizens.

Why study in Switzerland?

Switzerland obviously has one of the best universities in the world.  Having some of its universities in world top 200.

When you wish to focus on economics,  research,  management  and science,  then Switzerland is the best destination.

Where to Apply Student Visa for Switzerland in Nigeria?

This is the visa that is required to study in Switzerland for more than 3 months. so this means if your program spans into 6 months to years,  then you have to apply for this visa.

The student  visa to Switzerland is called the National D visa.  This visa type is a Swiss long stay Visa.  This will enable you stay for as long as your education lasts in the country.

Good news is that,  this Visa type also comes with work permit.  You can work as a student for up to 15 hours/week.

You can apply for the Switzerland student visa at the embassy in Lagos and Abuja.  You can as well make payment and get the Form in the office.

Switzerland student Visa requirements for Nigerians

1. Admission letter or letter of Acceptance: this is a letter from a tertiary or educational institution in Switzerland indicating that you have been accepted to study. You will need this document alongside others on this list to submit to the embassy in Nigeria

2. Proof of funds: this is a document usually bank statement that indicates all your bills in Switzerland will be taken care of.

3. Bank statement: this should be nothing less than your 6 months.

If you are been sponsored then your sponsors bank statement should be provided.


4. National D Visa application form which must be duly filled and signed

5. Sponsor’s letter of commitment

6. Accommodation: house must provide a proof of accommodation that must be verifiable.

7. Travel itinerary

8. Health insurance: this is required by all schemgen countries

9. Copies of all academic certificates and transcript: this could be TOEFL, SAT, WAEC,  NECO,  BSC, PHD, PGD etc

10. Make at least 2 copies of all this documents.

11. Copies of all Past and prevent Visa including the ones denied.

12. Proof of non criminal behaviour.

Switzerland Student Visa processing time

The processing time usually takes 2 weeks to 3 months

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