Student Visa to Sweden from Nigeria

Student Visa to Sweden
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Have you gotten admission into a Swedish institution, then follow this guide to secure a Student Visa. However, if this is your first time and you wish to get Student visa to Sweden and don’t know how, the very first step is to apply for admission in an educational institution. In this post we will focus on how anyone in Nigeria can get a Student Visa to Sweden.

Why Study in Sweden?

Sweden is one of the most stable country in the world. In fact, the European country is among the safest in the world. Good governance, stable politics, good people to government relationship and great economy.

The European country can boast of 2 universities in the world top 200. While having 11 universities in the world top 500. This is why studying in Sweden can be a great choice considering the quality education you stand to get.

It is a popular opinion that Swedish tertiary institutions focus on team building, self independence and research. This is why many graduates from their institutions are usually self-made.

Sweden Student Visa and the cost.

This Visa is a type that gives an individual access to study in Sweden for more than 3 months. Does your program run above 3 months, then this is the Visa for you.

Where to Apply?

Before you can apply for the Visa, make sure you have secured an admission from a Swedish educational institution. Because you will need the a”Letter of Acceptance” or “Admission Letter” alongside other documents as listed below.

To apply for the Visa, you will need to Visit the Swedish Embassy or Visa Application centre in Lagos or Abuja. Depending on the closest to you.

The cost of student visa isn’t stable, therefore you are required to call or email the Embassy for the latest price.

Student Visa Requirements for Nigerians

Just like every Schengen Country, the Visa requirements are as follows;

1. Admission letter

2. International Passport

3. Two passport photographs

4. Schengen health Insurance: you can get this health insurance from any insurance company in Nigeria. You need to secure your stay in any schemgen country.

5. Accommodation: show document of where you plan to stay in Sweden. This accommodation must be verifiable.

6. Proof of Funds: this is a certain amount of money to prove that you have the financial capacity to take care of all bills while studying in Sweden.

7. Bank statement: this is nothing less than 6 months

8. Sponsor bank statement if you are been sponsored

9. Sponsors letter of commitment

10. Travel itinerary

11. Visa application form which must be duly filled and signed

12. Visa application fee: proof of payment.

Student Visa Processing time?

This usually takes 2 weeks to 3 months. It is advisable you apply 3 months before your scheduled leave.

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