How to get Student Visa to Czech Republic in Nigeria

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Do you wish to study in Czech Republic, and your study time exceeds 3 months,  then what you need is a Student Visa.  How to get this Student visa to Czech Republic in Nigeria is very simple and easy if you follow the instructions on this post.

Many Nigerians and Africans have Europe as a destination for furthering their education.  The country which is located in central Europe has one of the Oldest Universities in Central Europe.  The university is also situated in Prague which happens to be the capital of Czech Republic.

Student Visa to Czech Republic

Czech Republic is known for its artistic and monuments. It is a very beautiful country and according to, it is among the safest countries in the world.  The country is landlocked by Austria South,  Germany in the west,  Slovakia to the east,  Poland in the northeast.

What is Czech Republic Student Visa?

This is a type of Visa that enables someone study in Czech Republic for more than 3 months.  It is a long term visa.  There are many countries that do not need a student visa to study in Czech Republic but unfortunately,  all African countries must need a student Visa.

The Visa Fee is not specified as it is due to change by the Czech Republic embassy in Nigeria.  Precisely in Abuja.


Czech Republic Student Visa requirements for Nigeria

To get this Visa the following documents are needed

1. Letter of Acceptance: this is the very first step towards getting a visa to Czech Republic.  A letter of Acceptance or Admission letter is one given by a tertiary institution in Czech Republic.  This is the first step to take.  You must first apply to an educational institution in Czech Republic then you must be given admission.  You will then need to submit this letter alongside the following documents;

2. International Passport

You will need to submit your passport and a photocopy of the data page.  The passport must be at least 6 month valid and 1 blank page for visa stamping

3. Two passport sized photographs

4. Proof of funding

This entails all your living cost,  tuitions and other bills while schooling in Czech Republic.

5. Schengen Health Insurance: All Schengen countries requires health insurance that covers your stay.

6. Bank statement: provide a bank statement of account not less than 6 months

7. Proof of corporation: if you have a business or company, then provide the proof of CAC and tax documents

8. Accommodation: prove that you have secured an accommodation in czech republic. This could be hotel,  motel or any form of housing.

9. Tuition Payment: provide  a document which proves that you have paid your tuition in the institution.

10. Letter of employment: if you are employed,  provide a letter to show that you have a job.

For more details,  visit the Embassy of Czech Republic in Asokoro,  Abuja.

Visa processing time

The Czech Republic student visa processing time is between 14 to 2 months.  Depending on the amount of applications.  It is advisable to apply 3 months before your program commences.

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  1. This is very useful information for those of you who have studied abroad, let us know in the comments if you can think of any more good reasons to study abroad and whether you agree with the list so far! Thanks again for the post.

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