How to get a Study Visa to Brazil in Nigeria

Study Visa to Brazil
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One might wonder why anyone should bother about studying in Brazil as a Nigerian. There are many reasons why choosing a university in Brazil may be a good choice. After going through our reason then you can check how to get a Study visa to Brazil in Nigeria.

Why Study in Brazil?

Brazil is the main economic hub of South America. Been the country with the largest population of over 200 million residents, Brazil also has the biggest economy of over $300 Billion in the continent. Why should you choose Brazil for study.

1. The country’s standard of Education is growing rapidly. Its universities are between 601-800 in world ranking.

2. The country has a large economy and encourages financial growth

3. Brazil is known world wide for its rich culture and tourism

4. The country has one of the largest coastlines with beaches. Making a place to mix fun and education.

5. Due to different ethnicity,races and religion. You will have opportunity to learn about all these. And most importantly, there is a higher chance of learning Portuguese while in Brazil.

So after seeing this reasons and still feel you can study in Brazil then let’s proceed.

What type of Visa is needed?

To Study in Brazil, you will need a Visitor’s Visa. This Visitor’s visa only a one year validity and thus, it can be renewed. But been approved is at the discretion of the government. However, as long as it pertains to education, they can always renew it for you.

But keep in mind that, this type of Visa for study doesn’t permit you to work in Brazil.


Brazil Study Visa requirements in Nigeria.

1. International Passport

2. Two Passport photographs

3. Travel itinerary

4. Proof of funds either from you or sponsor. Which ever way, the state of account should be provided.

5. If you have a sponsor, a letter of commitment should be added.

6. Visa Application form which must be duly filled. Go to this Visa online portal Visa online portal. Make sure you signup and fill the form.

Sign the form and upload other docs.

7. A filled visa application form that has been printed out: You will need to submit another visa application form in person to the Consulate General of Brazil in Nigeria. This form should be completed and printed out.

8. Letter of Acceptance from the educational institution in Brazil.

9. Academic certificates and transcript

10. Certificate of corporation: this is for those who have a company.

Brazil Study Visa fee in Nigeria

The Visa application fee is N36,000. The Visa processes takes approximately 4 weeks.

Note that you can only apply for this Visa only when you have gotten your letter of acceptance from a Brazilian Educational Institution.

Brazil Embassy in Nigeria

Lagos: Plot 257, Kofo Abayomi Street Victoria Island
P.O.Box 72802 – Lagos, Nigeria

Telephone Number: +234 1 271 0351


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