How to Get Student Visa to Norway in Nigeria

Student Visa to Norway in Nigeria
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Looking on how to get a Student Visa to Norway in Nigeria or any other African country or any part of the world then this post is for you. Every country citizen in the world that wish to study in Norway for more than 6 months needs a Student Visa to Norway.

The country in Europe such as Iceland, Denmark etc do not need Visa to study i Norway within 6 months but Country outside the the ETA or EU must apply for a student Visit Permit.

What Type of Norwegian Visa should i Apply for as a Nigeria

As a Nigerian or African seeking to study in Norway, especially if your course of study exceeds 90 days, then you will need to apply for a Student Visa Permit. This Visa expires after your programme. Furthermore, if you wish to stay in Norway after your program, you will need to apply as a skilled worker which is only Valid for 6 months. Make sure you apply at least 3 months before your student Visa permit expires.

HINT: before you can get a Visa to Norway, part of the requirement is a proof that you will return to your country after your study. This sort of proof van be your Return ticket. Doesn’t matter how many years it takes, Just get a return ticket or show a proof that you will return. It could be your family if married, your company,or any thing that is meaningful enough if you cant provide Return ticket.

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Why Choose Norway to Study?

1. FREE Tuition: Don’t be too excited, in as much as there is free tuition in Norway public universities, their private ones are not free. So if you are applying to a Norwegian public university then this is good News for you.

2. English Speaking: Almost everyone in Norway speaks English. This is why communication wont be a problem when you study in Norway as a Nigerian.

3. Friendly People: The Norwegian are among the most friendly people in the world.

4. Social System: Norway is rated among the countries with the best social system. From Food, unemployment, healthcare, Insurance, great standard of living, low crime are all covered.

5. Work Permit: this student visa permit also gives room to work part time during your study. But you are only permitted to work just 10 hours in a week. However, if you are willing to work full time, then you need to apply and proof that the job is necessary for your study.

How to get Student Visa to Norway in Nigeria

To get Student Visa to Norway, there are a few requirements and we will outline it here. Keep in mind that the very first thing you need to get for a student Visa to Norway is to first Apply and get admitted. Next, you can proceed to start your Student Visa process

Requirements for Student Visa to Norway in Nigeria

1. Letter of Admission: This is the letter from an institution or university in Norway that you have been admitted.

2. International Passport: This is should have at least 6 months validity.

3. Data page of your international Passport

4. two recent 2 x 2 passport photograph

5. Proof of Funds: You must be able to provide that you have about NOK 116,000 every year of study either from you or an external source (Sponsor). This fund must be deposited in a Norwegian bank, since it is difficult to open account when you are not in Norway, then your institution can provide you with an account in which you can deposit funds to.

6. Health Insurance to cover your study time

7. Travel tickets (Round trip)

8. Visa Application form: To access this form Click HERE. After clicking that link, you will have to register on the portal and fill the form accordingly. After completion, print out the following documents

  • Two page Cover Sheet, plus one copy, properly completed and signed on the second page
  • Two page Checklist, signed on the second page
  • One page online payment receipt
  • Minimum of 5 page online application form, sign in any box that indicates ‘signature’

9. Other things may be required such as your Biometrics like fingerprints and facial capture. This will be done at the Visa Application centre.

Where to Apply for Norway Student Visa in Nigeria

To apply for Visa, you will need to visit VFS Global centre in Nigeria or Embassy of Norway.

VFS Global Offices in Nigeria

Lagos: Mano Hall, Freedom way, Lekki phase 1, Lagos

Abuja: Sterling Bank Plaza, 3rd Floor, Plot 1083 Mohammadu Buhari Way, Central Business District, Abuja

Embassy of Norway

54 T. Y. Danjuma St, Asokoro, Abuja


How long does Norway Student Visa Process take?

This processes and verdict usually take up to 30 days or more so you will have to apply immediately you get the admission.



To study in Norway is great because they have a great serene environment, stable economy and low cost food. Especially the Norwegian foods. You may have to learn to eat their foods since its cheaper. Aside this, there is also a large organization of Nigerian students in Norway so you are not alone.

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