Germany Student Visa Requirement for Nigerians

Germany student Visa requirement
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Germany Student Visa is one of the easiest visa to get. Any Nigerian student who wish to study in Germany doesn’t need to worry because it is very easy to get such Visa. To get you started, read this post on Germany Student Visa Requirement for Nigerians.

Things you need to know!

Studying in Germany like every other country requires some actions, documents and thing you need to do. This list will help you figure out what is required of you when it has to do with the thing you need to know.

  1. Germany Student Visa does not require you to have a Health Insurance
  2. Depending on the school, you may be required to get an English test. But be rest assured that many schools do not need Nigerians to undergo language test like IELTS, TOEFL etc.
  3. You will need to Provide a Proof of Funding during your program which is about 750 Euro/Month
  4. You will also need to first APPLY FOR ADMISSION from your university of choice
  5. After Admission or you have enrolled then proceed to apply for the the Student Visa
  6. You must pay the Student Visa Fee
  7. you must pay a yearly resident permit of about 110 Euro/Month

What type of Student Visa do i Apply for to Germany?

The type of Student Visa a Nigerian can apply for is the Type D/Resident Permit Visa. This Visa type allows you to student in Germany and resident there. You can apply for this Type D Visa immediately you get your admission letter from University of choice. You can also apply for the student Visa immediately you have applied for admission at the university of your choosing.

The period you apply for this Student Visa to Germany must be about 3 Months before start of your program. This will enable the consulate or Embassy to have enough time to process your Student Visa to Germany. The Visa process often taken some time and some processes will need to be passed; such as Biometrics, Photographs and interview.

The Type D/Resident Visa FEE is about 75 Euro. This can be paid for visa a transfer to the consulate account or you pay at the consulate office in Nigeria.

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Where to Apply for the Germany Student Visa in Nigeria?

Again, it is import to state that before you apply for this Type D Visa, make sure you have applied for Admission to the university or You have been granted admission. After this step you will need to apply for the Visa at the Visa consulate office in Nigeria.

 Where is the Germany Consulate Office in Nigeria?

The application of the Student Visa (Type D) must be carried out at the German Consulate General in Lagos.

Address: 15 Walter Carrigtonn Crescent (Formerly Eleke Crescent) Victoria Island P.O Box 72800, Lagos.

Tel: (+234) 1 2809966

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Requirements for the Germany Visa for Nigerians

The requirement i specific to the institution but the general requirements for everyone is outlined below;

  1. International Passport of not less than 6 Months Validity.
  2. Two Passport sized Photographs (35mmx45mm)
  3. Proof of Funds: This must be from an external source or must be in your bank account. At least the required amount should carry you a year (750 Euro/Month).
  4. Visa Application form
  5. Visa Application Fee which is about 75 Euro

This are the Basic Requirement to get Germany student from Nigeria


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