Study Visa to Netherlands from Nigeria

Study Visa to Netherlands
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The Netherlands is one of the sort after places for education by many Europeans and few Nigerians. Netherlands is home to many top universities in the world and the good news is that most of the courses are in English Language. In this post we will outline the steps it takes obtain Study Visa to Netherlands for foreigners but we will streamline it to Nigerians.

STEP by STEP ways to go about getting Study Visa to Netherlands

STEP 1: The very first step is to write the Civic Integration Examination board. The exam fee is about $150

STEP 2: The second step is secure an admission in a recognized institution in the Netherlands. Check here. You will have to do this part fat because after you pass your Civic exam, you just have 12 months to get admission before you can apply for the MVV Visa (Long stay Visa which also a study visa).

STEP 3: The institution of learning sends your application to the Netherlands Immigration and Naturalization Service (IND) for approval. Once the IND confirms and approves your application to study, they will send instructions to you Through the school on the next step. This is usually about the documents and other criteria needed to complete your move. This is dependent on the school or course of study. But we will outline the general documents for everyone.

STEP 4: Appointment with Embassy. Unfortunately, the embassy in Abuja and Lagos do not process the student Visa to Netherlands. Though you can confirm from them if they can stamp your MVV Long stay Visa. Else you will have to go to the Netherlands Embassy at Ghana and Benin republic.

STEP 5: SO you will visit the embassy along with the MVV form and the documents that the IND asked for.

STEP 6: Download the MVV form

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Study Visa Requirements to Netherlands from Nigeria

1. The international Passport that must be Valid for at list 6 months.

2. Admission Letter: This should be gotten from the institution of learning

3. Health Insurance at 30,000 Euro. Though you can use any of the Nigerian Insurance company.

4. Get the Schenghen Visa Application form 

5. Provide 2 passport photographs

6. You will also have to provide your birth certificate

7. Your Academic transcript where applicable.

8. Financial statements: This can your sponsor’s bank statement or yours if you have the money.

9. If you have a sponsor, then you need to provide a sworn afidavit by Sponsor

10. Accommodation proof like hotel reservation before the program starts

10- A cover letter.

11- Civil status proof if you are married or single and if you have children, specify with birth certificate

12- Proof of reserved flight ticket or Itinerary.

13- Filled copy of MVV form


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