Best Local Airlines in Nigeria for travel

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The Nigerian Airspace have abut 8 airlines running the local routes in the country. So if you wish to embark on s journey and don’t know the right airline to use, this list below should help you.We will outline the list of Best local Airlines in Nigeria based on their reliability reported by NCAA.

3 Best Local Airline in Nigeria for travel

In the first quarter of 2019, the Consumer Protection Department of the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority, NCAA, released statistics of domestic airline operations and complaints. The report shows that out of 14,735 flight operations for the period, 7,926 flights were delayed and 181 flights were cancelled. However, 3 Airlines emerged as the most reliable and had little delay and they are;

1. Max Air

2. Overland Airways

3. Azman Air

Others Include: Best Local Airlines in Nigeria

Arik Air Flights

Aero Contractors Airline

Medview Airlines

IRS Airlines

Air Peace Flights

Dana Air Flights

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