Student Visa to France from Nigeria

Student Visa to France from Nigeria
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On one of our post on Nigeria to France and how to get a visa, we discussed in detail the required documents to get you into the French country. In this post, we will focus on how you can get a student Visa to France as a student from Nigeria.

The country in one of the oldest in the world and it is situated in the third most biggest continent, Europe. France is official language is French but a lot now speak English. France has one of the most sort after city in the world, Paris. Which is regarded as a shopping centre for the Shopperholics. Its is home to many designer clothing lines, and many famous monuments. The streets of this great nation is well decorated with his arts and monuments which gives a paradise feel.

Studying in France is very beneficial because most of its universities are among the best 20 in the world. In addition, the French government announced back in 2018 of its increase in English courses to attract foreigners. This means that they plan on introducing more courses taught in English so that language wont be a barrier.

So let us go to the topic of Today.

Student Visa to France from Nigeria

France Student Visa Requirement for Nigerians

The French Study Visa is in the same category as the French Long Term Stay Visa. This is known as the VLS-TS.  See other long stay Visa here.

Just check out this requirements so that it will save you time and energy;

1. Admission

Admission is the first thing you need to start your student visa application to France for Study. This admission must be given to you by the institution you wish to study. So the first process for you is to apply for admission in the school of choice and once given admission proceed to the next step. Note: Some schools require some documents before granting admission such as University Transcript or WAEC result.

2. Funding Fee

The French government expects that every international student must be able to have a minimum of 615 Euros per Month. This is exclusive of the Tuition of the university and travel ticket fee.

3. Birth Certificate/Affidavit

4. International Passport

5. Accommodation Certificate

It is highly recommended that you show where you wish to resident in France and the proof must contain your name and contact details. If you have someone in France who wish to accommodate you, then provide the person’s details and name and address as well. All with a proof. Keep in mind that the embassy don’t accept hotel and other related places as accommodation.

6. WAEC/Transcript

7. Travel Insurance

This is about NGN21,800 insurance to cover your journey. You can get a travel insurance certificate with an Federal government Accredited insurance company in Nigeria.

8. Attestation on Sponsorship

If you have a sponsors; Wife, husband, father, mother, friend or related who is sponsoring your education then you should provide a proof. This should also include the sponsor’s bank statement of account

9.  Application form

This is available at the France Embassy in Nigeria


France Embassy in Lagos

1, Oyinkan Abayomi Drive, Ikoyi, Lagos.

France Embassy in Abuja

37 Udi Hills Street, Off Aso Drive Quartier Maitama, Abuja

Processing Time

The processing time could take up to one month. After securing the Visa, you can stay in France up to 6 months before your program starts.


If you are taking up a program in France that will last for just 3 months or less, please apply for the short stay visa.

Source: NaijagoingAbroad

Hope this article was Helpful? Please leave a comment below and also tell us how your experience was while securing a France Student Visa.

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