Australian Student Visa and Requirements from Nigeria

Australian Student Visa
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Australia is one of the best countries in the world to study. Australia is officially known as the Commonwealth of Australia. Its capital is Canberra. Most foreigners think it is Sydney or Melbourne. The capital lies between this 2 cities. In this post we shall discuss the Australian Student Visa and the requirements

Australian Universities are among the best in the world and have great facilities and cultural design. When you study in Australia, you have the opportunity to work at the same time. For undergraduate courses, the Work permit hours is about 40 hours per semester. Masters and PH.D students,  are permitted to work full time. In addition, the Study Visa also allows one to come along with family member (s). The Visa is valid up to 5 years inline with your enrollment and there is also an opportunity to stay back and work.

For you to gain access into Australia to study, you must possess the following below;


  1. English Proficiency Test: This is very first thing you may need if you are not from an english speaking country. Most African and Asia country need to provide English test results and the scored is based on the type of course or degree you are enrolling into. The Department for home affairs provides detailed information on this subject. But it is highly recommended that you check the English course requirements by the School or institution you are enrolling in.
  2. Financial Requirements: This is another key aspect towards securing a student Visa to Australia. You must meet the minimum of AU$20,290 (USD 15,600) for year which will cover your living cost ONLY. This money is separate from Travel and Tuition cost. If you have spouse and children you are bringing along, you must also show proof that you can take care of  their living cost. However, if your spouse or parent is willing to support, they must also show proof that they earn at least AU$60,000 (USD 46,160) per year.
  3. Health Cover: The Oversea Student Health Cover (OSHC) is a special health system for international students. This will enable student pay for all medical bills which may come during the study time in Australia. It is a form of insurance system for international students. click here for more information from the Department of Health.
  4. Criminal Record Check: This is a required document which may be gotten from the police to proof that your criminal record is clean and you are of good character.

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Australian Student Visa Necessary Documents

The department for home affairs has a list of required document needed to be provided by the applicant. But this is dependent on the course of study. But the list below are typical document everyone must submit;

  1. Duly filled and signed Student Visa Form (157A)
  2. Paid Visa Application fee about AU$560 (US$430)
  3. Passport Bio-data page, 1 copy.
  4. Certificate of enrollment or letter of offer from institution
  5. Evidence of Sufficient funds (Bank statement)
  6. Evidence of Health Cover
  7. English test results
  8. Criminal record Check evidence
  9. 4-recent passport photographs

Next, you will assemble these above documents and scan them. You proceed to the ImmiAccount website to create account and apply for the visa.

Processing Time

The processing time usually takes up to 4 weeks.

Once you get your Visa, you are allowed to enter Australia upto 90-days before the start of your course. and when you enter, you have seven (7) days to tell your education provider og your resident address and if you change resident, you have within 7 days to inform them.

Note that all processes is done online.


Good luck.

Hope this article was helpful? Tell us about you Australian student Visa Application.



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