Best Airports in the World for 2019

Best Airports in the world Chengi Airport
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Some countries have taken Airports beyond just a place to take off and travel to a destination. Airports have become luxurious, a place of fun, hotels and tourism. On this post we shall be looking at the best 10 Airports in the world. These airports are also regarded as 5-star airports because of what they offer.

Air transport has become a major economic booster for many countries due to the patronage of passengers and goods in and out of the country. Some of the best airports makes money from the embedded shopping malls, Film theaters, hotel rooms and so on.

Chengi Airport, Singapore

Best Airports in the world Chengi Airport

The Singapore Airport known as the Chengi Airport is the world’s best Airport for 2019. I Addition, this same airport has been the best since 2013 which is about 6 years consecutively. It is also the only airport that has held that position for  so long. Chengi airport as well is regarded as the world’s 6th most busiest airport with about 61 million annual passengers and over 2 million air freight cargoes. Some exciting features about this Airport is that it has an iMax Cinema, a $1.3 billion mall named “Jewel” which is opened to both Air tickets holders and non,World’s tallest indoor waterfall at 130 feet ad so on.

The jewel Mall was opened in April 2019 having over 280 stores and restaurants. Furthermore, this store covers about 1.46 million square feet. The Mall spans 10 story buildings with 5 above ground and 5 below ground.

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Top 3 Best Airports in the World

Tokyo Haneda Airport

This is officially known as the Haneda Airport. It is the second best Airport in the world and the 4th busiest in the world. This as a result makes the Haneda Airport host over 87 million passengers annually. The Haneda Airport has great facilities like a Shopping area located in Terminal 1 and 3, Eating places, hotels, VIP terminal for important and government figures etc.

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Incheon International Airport, South Korea

We give hospitality to Incheon airport which is the third best airport in the world. What makes this airport on this list are the great services you get like Massage for relaxation, Lounge, Hotel, Tax-Free Shopping, restaurants and cultural performance. Incheon International Airport is largest Airport in South Korea srving Seoul capital area, and one of the busiest airports in the world. It is currently the world’s cleanest airport, and the world’s best international transit airport. Incheon Airport host over 68 million passengers annually and has a tonnes of cargo of over 2 million.

10 Best Airports in the World for 2019

1. Singapore Changi Airport

2. Tokyo Haneda Airport

3. Incheon Airport

4. Hamad International Airport

5. Hong Kong International Airport

6. Chubu Centrair International Airport

7. Munich Airport

8. London Heathrow

9. Narita International Airport

10. Zurich International Airport

This list was could not have been generated without the ranking of skyrax.

Please tell us your experience when you visited any of the Airport. Comment below


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