How to get Visa to New Zealand from Nigeria

Visa to New Zealand from Nigeria
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To all who wish to get a Visa to New Zealand Visa from Nigeria, note that there no Embassy of New Zealand in Nigeria. The Application can be done Online or through VFS Global Application Centre in Pretoria, South Africa.

For more information on how to apply through VFS Global Click Here. If you wish to use VFS Global, you should know that you will either submit it in person in South Africa, post it from Nigeria to the Pretoria office of VFS Global or Send a Family/friend in south Africa to help you submit it.

New Zealand Visa Types

The following are Visa types available to foreigners who wish to gain entry into New Zealand;

  • Work Visa
  • Student
  • Resident Visa
  • Permanent Residents
  • Visitor
  • Transit

To get either of the Various Visa Type FORMS, CLICK HERE

New Zealand Visa Requirements

  1. Valid Nigerian international passport (valid for at least 3 months after your return to Nigeria)
  2. 2 recent photographs (35mm x 45mm)
  3. Valid form of commitment to return to Nigeria (employer/study letter)
  4. Details of any family living in New Zealand
  5. Proof of flights and accommodation for dates spent in New Zealand
  6. 3 months bank statements to prove sufficient funds for your duration of stay
  7. An itinerary of your stay in the country for the duration of your stay
  8. Medical insurance
  9. If visiting family, you will need to provide evidence of your relationship


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